Book Trailer Contest

Faithful followers, we need your help. We don’t ask for much from our dedicated followers – we’ve never asked you to take up arms and go into battle with us (yet) nor have we asked you to sign a pledge to support our world domination/steal Stephen King’s throne plots – though that time will come. So we’re just asking a tiny favour. There’s not much effort involved – certainly a lot less than having to train in swordmanship and archery – see above for why you’d need these skills. Our book trailer for Soul Asylum, done by the amazing Ryan Ashcroft of Fireclaw Films is in a contest for best book trailer. Unfortunately, the trailers aren’t judged by independent judges. They win on votes. Which means it’s basically a popularity contest and whoever has the biggest army of voters will win. We’ve never even come close to winning a popularity contest. We don’t have a huge army of people who are willing to do our bidding at our command (though we have a small band of loyal friends who are invaluable) so we don’t think we stand a chance of winning. Which is a shame, because we truly believe Soul Asylum’s trailer deserves to win. And we’re not just saying that because it’s ours. Hell, we didn’t make it. But we think Ryan is extremely talented and with all the hard work he put into this trailer, he deserves the accolade. He has to put up with us taking the piss out of him on a daily basis, but there’s not a reward for that 😀

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can watch it here. To vote for it click here then all you have to do is click on the VOTE HERE link, type your name, email and the name of the trailer you want to win – Soul Asylum. Ok, to make it fair, all the book trailers in the contest are on that link too so if you want to watch them then vote, go ahead.

Want a further incentive? *Cue sad music* this is our X-Factor sob story. Kidding! IF Soul Asylum’s trailer wins, we’ll put up the first chapter of one of our unpublished novels. It will either be Scott the Zombie, Bleeding Empire or maybe a totally random novel that you don’t even know about. Is that enough incentive? No? How about a place in our World Domination Government? Yeah, that’s what we thought… 😉


  1. Vote cast and I hope you do well with it.

  2. Voted!!!
    Good luck ladies!!! 🙂
    you RAWK!!!

  3. All I heard is we are going to war and the face paint came on… Vote cast…

    • LOAO! Excellent! Thank you 🙂 we know who to call on when we need to assemble a crack team of zombie fighters.

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