Opposites Attract

Lacey WolfeWe’re thrilled to be able to welcome fabulous erotic author Lacey Wolfe back to Ravens Retreat. She has the proud accolade of being the first erotic author we’ve ever liked, which is no mean feat. Today’s doubly special because it’s also her birthday, so penblwydd hapus Lacey. Hope you’re getting spoiled rotten, maybe with some hunky guys bringing you cake. She’s here today to talk about writing a series. The fourth book in her sizzling Hot Bods series was released February 18th and if you haven’t got it yet, shame on you! So we’ll leave you in her capable hands while we bring her some birthday cake and champagne. Sadly we have no hunks on hand to wait on her.


First I want to say thank you so much for hosting me today. I have just completed my first series, The Hot Bods series.

To be honest, I’ve never been a big series reader. And now when I sit back and look at my writing, I’ve realized I’m a series writer. I have the Hot Bods series, the Brookfield series, and a new one coming soon, Love Strikes series. The Hot Bods series is the only complete series at this point.

So you may be wondering, is this a series you have to read in order? My answer is no however I think if you did, you’d enjoy it much better. Mainly because of one character, Francesca. You’ll meet her in the first book, Fool Me Once and chances are you’ll dislike her. She reappears in the second book More Than Useful as the hero’s sister, and in the third book Accidental Love, the reader will get to see a whole new side of Francesca and begin to wonder if she is as bad as they thought she was. And finally, Opposites Attract and Francesca gets her story.

Now Francesca isn’t the only character. We have Skylar who is a big part of all the books, as well as Amy and Jane. All four girls will appear in each book and of course if you read it in order, you’ll get little updates on how each of them is doing.

I have found writing series is fun. I get to keep my characters longer and revisit them. And so does the reader. Many times when you put a book down, it’s over. But not with a series.

Opposites Attract, Lacey WolfeOpposites Attract is the only story to include an epilogue and I think I tied the series up with a nice bow. Of course if someone has real all four they may still be left wanting to know more, and hey, who knows what the future holds. Another book could be in store.

To check out more on the Hot Bods series, check it out:


Thank you so much for having me on today! I enjoyed being here.


As a special birthday present, Lacey has allowed us to give away one of the books in the Hot Bods series, so comment below if you’d like to win one and we’ll select the winner in a week’s time. So click on her link to check out all the books.


  1. Thanks for having me on! If anyone has any questions, I’ll be popping in and out!

    • thanks for visiting! Think you’re our most returning author 😀

  2. Great post. Happy Birthday, Lacey! Certainly your books sound interesting, and now I am curious about Francesca and why readers would dislike her 😀

    • thanks for stopping by! Lacey’s books are definitely interesting. She was great, feisty female characters that are easy to relate to.

    • Francesca was interesting to say the least and she grew quite a bit during the series. 🙂

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