Under the covers

Bad_Rommance_Ebook_finalWe are so excited at Casa Raven! The cover for Bad Romance is so fresh off the press we scalded ourselves opening the email. And here it is! We love it so much we want to rip it off the screen and run around clutching it to our chests and laughing manically. It’s done by the jaw-droppingly talented Ryan Ashcroft of Fireclaw Films and this cover is even more special because it marks the one year anniversary since Ryan started doing book covers. His first one being Gunning Down Romance, the first in the Romance is Dead trilogy. Bad Romance is the second book in the series and is released February 14th – 3 disturbing stories about falling in love. And Trey from Gunning Down Romance makes a chilling return in Still Life. Has Sol survived a mannequin fate to see another Valentine’s?

If you’d like a high quality, low priced book cover, book trailer or logo, check out Ryan’s website http://www.fireclawfilms.com/