Look Who’s Talking

Ever get the feeling that your characters are really the ones in charge? That wouldn’t be so bad, if the character is question wasn’t a sociopath. You just can’t reason with them. You try saying no to them and the next thing you know, you’re hogtied in their basement praying their Torture Tools Activity Kit hasn’t arrived yet from Amazon.

When we started writing Still Life, the second story in Bad Romance, we knew there was something not quite right about it. Then this voice said ‘what are you doing? That’s MY story.’ We ignored them and carried on. But they wouldn’t shut up. ‘That’s my voice you’re using.’ We denied it – ‘it’s an unnamed character with their own story. Besides, their profession is completely different from yours’. But they wouldn’t stop. ‘Look at it. It’s similar. Listen to the voice. It’s mine.’ They were right. We now had a dilemma. Do we stick to our original plan of the unnamed character – the artist-  or do we surrender and allow this character to return?

We surrendered. Now we’re glad we did. They were right. Of course it was their story, their voice. We just didn’t realise at the time, but the more we looked at it and entertained the possibility of bringing them back, we knew we had to. After a bit of tweaking, the character is firmly established in the story and we know it truly does belong to them. We were foolish to think otherwise. Hope this doesn’t mean we’ve fallen under their spell. We’re meant to be the ones in control here.

You’re probably wondering who the hell we’re talking about. Well, we’re not going to tell you.  Before you throw stuff at us, we have a good reason for keeping it a secret. St. Dwynwen’s Day is January 25th. It’s the Welsh version of St Valentine’s Day without the teddy bears, wilting roses from the garage forecourt and heart shaped bog roll. The tradition on St. Dwynwen’s Day is for a guy to give his girlfriend a love spoon, with each symbol having a special meaning. Actually, he’s supposed to carve it himself, but those days are as dead as Dracula. For those of you who’ve read Gunning Down Romance, you’ll know the significance of the love spoon and the fun way D used it. Well, it was fun for her. Her lovers might say differently. So to celebrate St. Dwynwen’s Day, we will be giving away a love spoon, along with a copy of Bad Romance, when it’s released. We’ll be running a contest, using this character we’ve talked about.

All will be revealed.

*Disclaimer* C L Raven accept no responsibility for love spoon related injuries but photographs of said mischief will be required for the fan club.

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