Power of Three

Today Ravens Retreat lies as empty as a mausoleum after a zombie outbreak, because we’re spending the day at Rebecca Fisk’s blog. She challenged us to write a 1000 word story using 3 words – Blackjack, braid & cistern. This is what we came up with – http://wishywash27.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/collaborations-and-collusions.html You MUST follow Rebecca on Twitter @wishywashy27 and like her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebecca-L-Fisk-Writer/314602145255452?fref=ts because she’s our cooler, more talented, awesome triplet. If we ever have the pleasure of meeting up in real life, the world will be destroyed by the mischief and mayhem we have planned. And did we mention she’s a talented artist? Well she is.  And for Halloween, she even managed to convince her dog, Herschel to wear a pink camisole and bow. He looked delightful 😀

1000 words is a challenge for us. Our usual short story length is between 4000 – 6000 words and we struggle with shorter pieces. Probably because our ideas are too big to fit into such a short space. We’ve written several 1700 word stories, but only one has ever got anywhere (Field of Screams) so it was good for us to practise writing a shorter piece. And one of the characters is a serial killer, which we always enjoy. We have a confession – where most people’s specialist subject on Mastermind would be an era of history, or trains etc, ours would be serial killers. The psychology of serial killers, to be exact. In fact, every coffee table book we own is about serial killers, true life crimes or ghosts. We even have an amazing Jack the Ripper book with copies of his letters & police reports. We also have files of true life crimes magazines. And books related to the subject. The only documentaries we watch are related to serial killers/murderers or psychology. So please, never ever EVER send the police to our house. How much for your silence? 😉