Question Time

As a special request from the wonderfully nutty Rebecca Fisk, we’ve agreed to answer her questions from the Liebster Award. We love a bit of rule breaking 😉

1. If you were a Superhero, what would your Nemesis’ power be?

The ability to produce a Red Bull can by blinking. We would be defeated by constantly falling for this dastardly prank.

2. Take three sentences from three of your favorite songs and make a paragraph that may or may not make sense.

Welcome to a new kind of tension, all across the alien nation where everything isn’t meant to be ok. Will you defeat them, your demons? It ain’t about all the friends you make but the graffiti they write on your grave.

3. What do you wished you had been named?

We’ve always liked our names and never wanted to be named anything else (thanks mum for insisting our names had unusual spellings, we love that) but we do like the names Roxy and Savannah.
4. What is a book/song/movie you wish you’ve never read/heard/watched and why?

Oh god so many. So, so many. Book – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Booker prize winner that everyone banged on about so we went against our better judgement and read it. Nearly cried with boredom. Song – anything by the Beatles. We know this won’t be popular but we hate their music. There, we said it. We hate the Beatles. *sits back and waits to be shot*. Movie – can’t think of one in particular, but we have watched  a lot of bad ones.

5. Let’s pretend the Zombie Apocalypse is actually going to happen. How are you going to survive it?

By drinking lots of Red Bull and wielding our swords at anyone suspicious. Yes we own swords. Also we plan to take over Cardiff castle, lure the zombies to the Millennium Stadium and bomb them. The castle’s huge, has air raid tunnels and a Keep and is in the centre of town so the zombies will have hundreds of bait to keep them occupied while we seize the castle. Haven’t really given it much thought 😉

6. Would you rather be raised by wolves or penguins?

oooh we love penguins! And sitting on a penguin’s feet and being in the penguin huddle is appealing but wolves are badass. Nobody would mess with our pack. Then we could howl at the moon and nobody would question it. They’d be like ‘they were raised by wolves’. Then we could tell people we’re the modern day Romulus and Remus! Yeah. Wolves.

7. If your life was a song, what would the title be?

‘Life’s a bitch and then you die’. Something cheery like that.

8. Do you wake up, or open your eyes first?

Hate waking up. We lie there willing the morning to bugger off. It takes about five minutes after getting out of bed til our eyes open. Which isn’t easy when you’re stumbling around at 4am trying to feed black cats.

9. Magic wand or Lightsaber?

ooh cutting people up with a light saber would be fun but being able to cast spells has so much more potential for mischief. Magic wand. We’d give witches a bad name. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

10. What is the speed of dark? What is the square root of purple?

The speed of dark is the speed of light subtracted by the light switch and with added boogeymen. The square root of purple is red.

11. If YOU had to have a hilarious, cartoon-style death, what would it be?

We have no road safety sense and regularly narrowly miss being hit by cars but that’s so passe. We don’t want to end up in a speed warning advert. We’ll go for having dynamite blow up on us as we’re trying to use it for nefarious gain. Our history with fire stands us in good stead for this. KABOOM!


  1. Great answers, girls! 😀

  2. I also hate the Beatles! When I was little and stayed over at my Grandparent’s house, I slept in my aunt Lisa’s room. All her Beatles posters were still up on the walls. The way moonlight came through the windows shone directly on their big, creepy faces. Their malevolent glares will haunt me for life. So I hate their music because their big heads scared the crap out of me for years. AND, you two are the first people to EVER correctly answer what is the speed of dark and the square root of purple! (Blue would also have been an accepted answer.) Awesomely done! ❤ ❤

    • OMG! Really! It’s not often we meet someone who also doesn’t like the Beatles. We feel like we’re the only ones. Triiiiiiipppppleeetttttsssssss! We completely guessed those answers! 😀 😀

  3. Great answers! I love the three sentences from the songs, that’s like a poem.

    Can’t agree with you about ‘Wolf Hall’, which I loved … but when I had a look at the reviews on Goodreads I saw that readers seemed to be about equally divided between those who loved it and those who hated it. It seems to be one of those books that polarises opinions, like the (IMHO) diabolical FSOG.

    • We know we’re not intelligent enough to read literary books, which is why we never read them, but we thought we’d try it. It just so confusing. It would’ve helped if she made it clear when Thomas Moore was there, rather than starting every scene with him with ‘He’. We haven’t read FSOG and never will 🙂

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