Cover Story

Last week we proudly revealed the cover for Soul Asylum. We loved it and didn’t think it could get any better. We were wrong. Ryan Ashcroft from Fireclaw Films has now completed the print version of the cover. We would tell you how amazing it is, how it’s the best cover we’ve ever seen (along with Disenchanted’s of course) but you should probably see for yourself. And if you like this, Fireclaw Films have an offer of 30% off book covers so get one before the offer ends!

We now present you with Soul Asylum! Due out October 2012.

Soul Asylum C L Raven Fireclaw Films Ryan Ashcroft


  1. Very cool….may have to speak with Mr. Ashcroft in regards to his work… 🙂

    • thanks! We can’t stop looking at it. Ryan will be happy to talk with you any time 🙂

  2. THAT is awesome.

  3. Awesome cover! 😀

    • thank you! It’s exactly what we wanted.

  4. Ok. I didn’t think it could get better either. I was wrong.

    • it’s was our mum’s idea to have the graves on the back. They work perfectly.

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