Dead Giveaway

Today we are handing over the keys to Sean and Dan Campbell, the brilliant brothers behind 90 Days Novel. We were honoured to have them in Ravens Retreat back in May when their debut novel, Dead On Demand was published and now we’re thrilled that they’ve accepted our invitation for a return visit. Well, they didn’t really have a choice. We accidentally locked them in on their last visit and they’ve been rapidly running out of food. But happily the sniffer dogs managed to find them and they’re back with a triple giveaway! So we’ll leave you in their safe hands and we’ll try to remember to show them where the exit is this time. Enjoy!

Dead on DemandSibling Author Giveaway: Everyone wins (twice!)


We’re Sean and Dan, and this is our second time venturing into Raven’s Retreat. Last time we told you all a little about our book Dead on Demand which is a crime thriller wrote in 90 days to prove we could.

Since then we’ve been for sale exclusively on Amazon and in the three months since launch we’ve had some pretty good responses to the novel. With 27 reviews between the UK and the US and a 4. something average we think the challenge has been pretty successful, but it isn’t really up to us to decide. You guys get to the judge, jury and execution for all eBooks, and rightly so.

With that in mind we’re making Dead on Demand free for 5 days running from the 4th September to the 8th of September so that you can download a free copy and let us know how you think we did.

To take advantage of this all you have to do is:

1. Go to Amazon’s website:



2. Click buy for $0.00/ £0.00

3. Enjoy!

You can let us know how we did via email (authors at, via a review (on Amazon or Goodreads) or simply be sticking a comment on this blog post.

As a small incentive every person who comments on this blog post (whether or not about the book) has the chance to win a $25 gift card (or £15 in the event of a UK winner). Comments need to be in before Sunday the 9th at midnight, and the winner will be selected by Cat and Lynx in a manner of their choosing. We seriously suggest the winner spends £2/ $3 of it picking up their awesome short story collection Disenchanted which is a modern day retelling that really does outdo the brothers Grimm.

So to make it clear, this promo is open to UK and US residents only (where allowed under local law) and the winner is responsible for any local tax payable on prizes. The gift certificate will be sent electronically within 5 working days of the closing date.

Better yet, this is an ‘Everyone wins’ competition. EVERY entrant can have a free copy of our very well received eBook marketing text ‘Can’t Sell, Won’t Sell’. Just email us asking for your copy after commenting (let us know which comment is yours) and we’ll send you over your choice of ePub or .mobi file.

That’s on top of the free copy of Dead on Demand we’re already giving you.

For more chances to win some fun goodies come find Dead on Demand at other blogs this week where we’ll be giving away signed copies, unsigned copies and other random stuff.

To recap: Grab Dead on Demand from the above links, and leave a comment on this blog post to try and win $25 AND bag yourself a guaranteed free copy of Can’t Sell Won’t Sell. No purchase required.

Double dip freebies, can’t say fairer than that!

Sean and Dan

How cool is that? Who doesn’t like free stuff? So visit them at, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @90daysnovel