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Season 2 of Calamityville Horror is getting off to a good start. There has been a technical issue in season 1, resulting in the final episode, The Galleries of Justice, now being shown as the first episode of season 2. Basically, Ryan moved out and we lost his ultra fast Broadband. But this wouldn’t be Calamityville if everything went smoothly. If you want a slick, professional show with professional, well-behaved investigators, boy did you stumble upon the wrong show! ūüėÄ

So for episode 4, we headed for Huntingdon to pick up our regular guest, L K Jay. We only got lost once and that was on the ring road. We didn’t feel too bad about that. Apparently, if you listen closely at night, you can still hear the ghostly cars driving around, unable to leave the ring road. After a quick baggage dump at her lovely flat, we piled into her car and headed for Peterborough.

Peterborough Museum

Peterborough Museum

We managed to get to the museum without any hitches. Mostly because we weren’t leading the way. The museum is free, but we did have to sign a permit to be allowed our cameras, so we’re not sure how much we’ll be able to show you. The museum started life as a home, before being turned into a hospital. It is said to be the most haunted building in Peterborough. It is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a soldier wounded in battle in France and brought to Peterborough for treatment. He died not long after arriving. His ghost has been seen on the stairs. It is also haunted by a little girl who has been seen in the operating theatre, and a woman who calls for Lady Charlotte, the wife of the museum’s previous owner, Thomas Cooke.

Shortly after entering the museum we realised we were hungry. Having recently discovered a website which warns you not to go ghost hunting on an empty stomach in case you end up with stomach ghosts, (we’re not kidding) we decided not to risk it and went to get something to eat.

We returned to the museum, stomachs well protected against the pesky stomach ghosts, and started to explore. When we were in the surgeon’s office, Cat touched the grandfather clock, which is the only original piece of furniture from the time of Thomas Cooke. When she touched it, she got what we call ‘fish tank feeling’. It’s the barely heard of technical term for when you feel really dizzy, like your brain is swimming. If you want to replicate it, stick your hand in a full fish tank and you’ll know what we mean. Lynx experienced it when we were in the underwater exhibition.

Peterborough Museum

Soldier, Solider

We moved on to the anglo-saxon and Roman exhibition to hunt for the Roman soldier who is so attached to his sword, he has reportedly been seen standing by the display case which holds it. We got Ryan to dress up in the Roman soldier costume provided, to see if we could lure the ghost. We also persuaded Ryan to wear a bonnet, but that was purely for our own amusement. One of the displays was of a skeleton family, who may be the first murder victims ever found. The man had an arrow lodged in his ribcage. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our Tyvek suits and crime scene kit, so the identity of the murderer will remain unknown. Our money’s on the the butler.

We then moved upstairs to the part we were looking forwards to – the Victorian operating theatre. Our fish tank feelings worsened in here considerably. At one point, Cat was worried she’d have to leave, for fear of passing out. The theatre was brilliant. The bed had a blood stained sheet and there was even a bucket of fake blood on the floor. The display case had an array of old equipment and even the doctor’s patients’ notes. Lynx was about to head out of the surgery when her camera failed to connect to its battery. This has never happened before and she was using the new battery. She kept switching it off, taking out the battery then trying again. It still wouldn’t read the battery. Cat suggested she leave the surgery, see what effect that would have. The moment she stepped out, the battery reconnected and worked fine for the rest of the trip. We know that some people¬†believe¬†that ghosts can drain your equipments’ power sources and use their energy, but we’re just putting this down to an inexplicable technical glitch.

Peterborough Museum

Theatre of screams

Our last stop in the museum was the¬†Napoleonic¬†prison ship. This was the coldest room in the museum, which was strange, as it was at the top of the museum, where usually the higher rooms are warmer. Again we had Ryan dress up as a solider and a prisoner. He looked more like a gnome, which was only confirmed by his impromptu gnome dance. Yes, it’s on film.

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

The next place on our list was the cathedral. We got there just as a service was about to start. We were invited to stay, but decided to explore the adjoining graveyard instead. As graveyards go, it wasn’t very impressive. It clearly wasn’t the ‘in’ place to be buried. It’s apparently haunted by a white woman and a monk. Monks are very popular ghosts. You’d think after devoting their lives to God, they’d want to at least visit Heaven, but they seem to prefer hanging out on Earth, spooking tourists. As we passed a sarcophagus, the K2 bleeped once. It had been silent until this point. We moved around by the sarcophagus, but it didn’t bleep again.

We explored the rest of the graveyard then decided to go for coffee. The K2 started bleeping slowly, the needle gradually rising to 3.5 in the red zone as the bleeps got faster. It’s never done that before. Usually it just goes off, but this was really gradual. We were right by a cottage, which had a lamppost and fuse box next to it. We put the K2 to the ground, to see if there were any electrical cables beneath us, but it fell silent. We took it over to the railings of the cottage and pointed it at the fuse box. It was quiet. We returned to our spot, but the K2 didn’t bleep again. There were rumblings of thunder, so we figured the electricity in the air was probably the cause.

We took shelter in the nearby coffee shop, as it started pouring. The tension between the staff was worse than the impending storm. It’s a wonder the K2 wasn’t going crazy. It was tense! The place was too small for such an atmosphere and we were stuck there for half an hour until the rain stopped and the cathedral opened. Shortly before we left, the thunder returned. Grabbing our K2, we hurried into the rain. It didn’t respond.

The cathedral is stunning. There was a ¬£3 permit charge per camera, so we only used Ryan’s iPhone for both filming and photography. The most frightening thing in the cathedral was the dramatic organ music that started without warning and scared the bejesus out of us. Sadly it wasn’t music accompanying the phantom choir that are meant to be here. We also didn’t see the terrified monk who has been spotted running down the aisle before vanishing. We did get to stand by Catherine of Aragon’s tomb, which we were pleased about. We didn’t even know she was here. We must’ve missed her check-in on Facebook.

Huntingdon’s about 3 1/2 hours from Cardiff, so we had a rare stay over. We don’t often stay overnight, one, because we don’t think it’s fair to leave our mum with the animal army and two, because our intermittent insomnia returns with a¬†vengeance¬†in strange places. But we’re glad we stayed, because in the morning we visited Nun’s Bridge in Huntingdon, which is haunted by a nun. The name kinda gave that away. She had an affair with a monk and they used to meet on the bridge. Sadly the only activity we got on the bridge, were the cyclists who had to avoid our tripod as we recorded our debrief. Though we did manage to scare a jogger. He was about to come on to the bridge, saw us, swiftly turned around and jogged away. Either he never meant to cross the bridge, or he was truly terrified of seeing us without makeup. Clearly he hasn’t read a fairytale in a ¬†while. Trolls live under the bridge.Nun's Bridge, Huntingdon


  1. A truly interesting piece of writing. I love your blogs about the places you visit – it’s almost like a talking diary. Keep ’em coming.

    • thanks. At least they give us something to blog about! ūüėÄ

  2. Wow ,that was a jam packed trip! Is that going to be multiple episodes?

    • No, probably just a slightly longer one. Not sure how much of the museum we’ll be able to show. Will definitely sneak in the camera battery part (Ryan filmed that on his phone)

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