Simply the Guests

We’re skiving again at Ravens Retreat and are instead, visiting not one, but two blogs, hosted by two of our favourite people on Twitter – erotic/romance author Lacey Wolfe and supernatural/erotic author Anya Breton.

First off, let’s head to Lacey’s blog, where we talk about being bitten by the Indie bug and how we got started on this whole fairytale adventure

Are you back safe from your journey? Good, ‘cos now we’re flying to Indiana to meet Anya, where we confess to making our own burglary tool and committing an act of breaking and entering on our neighbours’ house. All because they asked us to catsit. Three years later, we still haven’t lived it down.

So come and visit us! And while you’re there, check out some of these lovely ladies’ books. They are both excellent writers and we highly recommend them.