Printing Press

We’d like to be bringing you news of another ghost hunting adventure, but season one of Calamityville Horror has ended and we’ve been forced to take a break. So instead of going ghost hunting on the weekend, we went to a hen party. We were more scared of that than being locked in the punishment cell with an executed prisoner. Luckily we passed our challenges and cheated our way out of doing any forfeits.

Anyhoo, for lack of interesting news, we’re bringing you…news. We’ve decided we’re definitely bringing Soul Asylum out in paperback. For years we’ve dreamed of holding our own novel and let’s face it, this is the only way that’s going to happen. We’re not going to get picked up by the Big Six, we’ll never make it onto the bestsellers lists and we’ll never break into the top 10,ooo ranking on Amazon. But by going solo, we WILL hold our own novel. Hold, stroke and if the mood takes us, kiss it.

We’ve been reading a great blog post by Sean & Dan Campbell, the guys behind 90 Days Novel and they’ve convinced us to go with CreateSpace. At the moment we’re stumbling blindly through the labyrinth of information and trying not to fall into an oubilette of despair, but we’ve got until October to figure this stuff out. We’re not going with CreateSpace’s cover packages, not when we’ve spent so long designing our own. Yes, there’s that control freak streak again, but this is our novel and we want it done our way. And we don’t want to have to pay for it. One, because we’re skinflints and two, we won’t make the money back. We probably won’t even make back the money we’ve spent on editing, so we want to keep this as affordable as possible.  So if you follow us on Twitter, you can expect a whole load of tweets ranting about our inability to work with Photoshop – much like the rants we posted about GIMP. There will probably be several meltdowns, threats of murderous rampages and us rocking in the corner, muttering about typesetting.

But like with our ghost hunting, the journey, however fraught, is sometimes more interesting than the destination.