Not the Ten o’clock News

Ok, we don’t really have anything interesting to say and are only writing this because it’s been over a week since we’ve blogged. Some of you have probably been glad for the break, some of you probably haven’t even noticed 😀 So this is just a clairvoyant post about what we can see in the crystal ball.

Our fairytale collection, Disenchanted will not be out this month as promised, but will hopefully be out in July – just in time for the summer sales slump. For some reason, books don’t sell as well over the summer months and we will be launching Disenchanted into the heart of the sales desert. BUT we think this may be a good thing. While other authors will be experiencing poor sales, our loyal army of friends (we need a collective noun for them so if you can think of one, let us know) will hopefully be buying Disenchanted. So we will be shooting up the rankings like rats up a drainpipe. Of course by the time the slump picks up, we will plummet from the great height and break our butt bones on landing. But at least we would’ve seen the view from a high chart position, if only for a short while.

Our debut novel, Soul Asylum, has a definite release date. October 1st. We originally wanted to release it on Halloween but then figured if we want the sales to pick up round the best time of the year, we’d have to release it earlier. So forget Halloweek, we’re declaring October Hallowmonth. Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right. OcSoulber? Soulaween? Maybe it’s just as well we weren’t in charge of naming the months. We sent it back to our editor yesterday and it should be back with us for the final time in mid July. We’ve been working on the cover and are planning the trailer. We’re also looking to get it into print. Mostly so we can go round stroking it in a really creepy way.

Oh and Gunning Down Romance will now be the first book in a trilogy, hereby known as the Romance is Dead trilogy. The second book, which will be released Feb 2013, will be called Bad Romance and the final book, Romance is Dead, will be released Feb 2014. We wanted GDR to be part of a series but didn’t want to commit to it in case we were busy at that time – Valentine’s is so hectic when you have no cards to buy/receive. So for the next two years, beware, because Valentine’s is going to be bloody.


  1. Minions.

    • LOL that would make us sound like the world dominators we plan on becoming 😀

  2. Um, this is plenty interesting. I didn’t know about sales slumps. I’ll be right there with y’all in the slump :/ (and definitely buying up your stuff)

    Re: collective name – er will have to ponder that. Minion is good but everyone uses it.

    • we didn’t know about the slump either, but maybe the three of us can buck the trend. We’ll definitely be buying your stuff too 🙂

  3. I might fly in the face of economics and release my story in the middle of summer anyway! Ha, take that you sales forces! But I might sell naff all, so we’ll see.
    Can’t wait to download your new stories, you’ve been tempting me with them on twitter!
    I think that the collective noun for us should be Ravi – which sounds a bit latin and posh like.

    • LOL Ravi does indeed sound exotic & posh. Anya will also have stuff out in the summer, so we can all team up and be rebels against the sales figures. If nobody else’s books are selling, it can only be good for us 😀

  4. What a clever idea, releasing in the middle of a sales slump! I would never have thought of that. I’ll be following your chart position closely to see if it’s worked. And I can confirm, my sales have slumped. So glad it’s a universal thing and not just me! Good luck with Disenchanted!

    • thanks! Our sales on GDR have slumped this month too. We didn’t originally plan to release it this month – it was supposed to be last month, but then we figured people have been waiting for it, so they’d buy it and we could avoid the slump for this book at least.

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