The best things in life are free

We’ll let you be the judge of that. Next week will be Gunning Down Romance’s three month anniversary. So we’re giving away some free copies on our Facebook fan club and the Gunning Down Romance fan page but we know that not everyone is on Facebook, so here’s how you win one.

Competition 1 – In Kiss of Death, Jaimie goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants (the perfect man). Have you ever gone to extreme lengths to get what you want?

Competition 2 – In ‘Til Death us do Part, mannequins feature heavily. So we want stories of things that have happened to you involving mannequins OR photos of you posing with mannequins. The funnier the better. But please don’t break the mannequins, we can’t afford to pay for breakages.

Competition 3 – In The Black Kiss, D exacts a gory revenge on guys who cheat on their girlfriends. Have you ever taken revenge and was it worth it?

So comment to enter, or like the fan pages and enter that way. Deadline is the 13th of May for the winner to be announced on the 14th.


  1. Competition 1: I have never gone to extremes to get what I wanted, but once I was around a whole week almost without either eating or sleeping translating like crazy. I wanted to get enough money to travel to London in a very short time. Taking into account how fond of food I am, I guess I went to extremes on that occasion LOL.

    Competition 2: incidents with mannequins…. Some years ago, I was shopping for clothes to attend to a wedding. I entered one of those fancy clothes shops where you can get elegant dresses for fancy venues and events. There was a very cute dress in the window, so I entered the shop and asked for the price of that dress. The shop assistant didn’t know what dress I was talking about, so I took her to the window and started pointing at the dress. She took the dress that was next to the one I wanted. I pointed the right one again, and she got it wrong again. So I entered in the window with her and said, “I want this one”, touching very lightly the mannequin, but with just that little touch, one of the arms of the mannequin fell off. I blushed, the woman threw me a killing glance, and finally I didn’t buy the dress because it was absurdly expensive.

    Competition 3: I have never taken revenge on anybody, but I am planning to take revenge on one person, and once it is done, I will let you know if it was worth of it 😀

    • LOAO!Brilliant! This is exactly the kind of thing we want. The mannequin story is so funny! Especially as you didn’t buy the dress. 😀 You definitely deserve a free copy, even though you just bought one. But you can give it to someone else.

      • hahaha! Yeah, you should have seen the face of the shop assistant. She told me the price, I picked the mannequin’s arm from the floor, handed it to her, and said “sorry, I cannot afford that”, and ran for the exit LOL I know a couple of people who would love to read a copy of your stories 😀

      • LOAO! That makes the story even better! Ok, ask them what format they’d like them in and we can either email them to you, or directly to them.

      • Thanks a lot!! They don’t have an e-reader, so you can send me a PDF file and I will pass it on to them 😀 I am sure they will spread the word and some more people will buy the stories 😀 I will tell them to do so or else…. LOL

      • Cool, we’ll get right on it! Thanks 🙂

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