Dead on Demand

Today we’re handing over Ravens Retreat keys to Sean and Dan Campbell, the amazing duo behind 90 Days Novel. So you can expect a a professional, coherent, knowledgeable post for a change. We’re very excited to have them here. Not only because we’re big fans of their challenge, but they are also our first male guests, proving how brave they are to step inside this gloomy realm. So we’ll leave you to get to know them while we choose which Monopoly to play and try to figure out how to out-cheat a barrister.

Hello all!

We’re delighted to be joining the gorgeous CL Raven twins for a blog post today.

We’re Dan and Sean, the writing siblings behind

Our challenge was to write, edit, proof, format and publish a novel within 90 days. We even wanted to market it, and get cover design done in that period.

It’s been a really tough challenge – neither of us has written so much as a postcard before. As a lawyer and a chef, our talents are most decidedly not of the literary kind.

Despite being obvious underdogs we have actually written a whole book – 80,000 words total. It’s called Dead on Demand.

In ‘Dead or Demand’ our main character Edwin Murphy is a self made man who is experiencing some major difficulties. His wife Eleanor is leaving him, and is planning on taking their only child abroad leaving Edwin penniless and alone in London. In a desperate bid to regain his former lifestyle he decides that she must die. With her out of the picture he would regain his home, his daughter and not have to worry about his finances.

The problem is, Edwin isn’t a macho man. He’s never killed anyone before, and probably couldn’t if he tried.  So he devises a plan to swap murders with someone else. He’ll agree to kill their victim if they agree to kill his. The story follows Edwin as he tries to go through with his plan, and the events that unfold as a result. There may not be a perfect crime, but reasonable doubt isn’t out of his reach.

Our story is, we hope, quite original. Criminals adapt well, and Edwin is very adaptive. The story sees him try to get away with killing his wife in order to a) claim on the inheritance, b) get custody of his daughter and c) not get cleaned out in a messy divorce. Edwin runs into a number of obstacles along the way, and the book explores the motives for murder, as well as the more practical elements of being a criminal (Disclaimer, don’t try this at home!).

Before we ramble on too long, I’d like to leave you with a small excerpt and a peak at our cover image. We’ll be on Amazon shortly, so keep up with us via twitter @90daysnovel, facebook or via our blog.

With suspicion clouding her judgement, it was often hard to be sufficiently empathetic.

The news clearly came as a shock. Mrs Sugden just sat there, silent. A tear rolled down her cheek.

It was her sister who broke the silence.

“How did Peter die?”

Hayley paused. It was an odd situation. She had dealt with murder victims, accidental deaths and even cot deaths in the past. Death by self defence was not in her repertoire of expertise.

“He drowned in the river Thames. I’m ever so sorry.” It was the truth. The widow didn’t need to know the specifics of how he ended up in the river.

Thanks again to the awesome CL Raven twins for having us. It’s fantastic seeing how successful sibling co-authors can be.

See you soon,

Dan and Sean


  1. Can’t wait to check out this book–what a great idea for a novel! And it’s so cool that siblings are writing it.

    • we’re currently reading a preview of it and we’re enjoying it 🙂

  2. Wow-you two guys were certainly brave stepping into their lair, er, I mean blog…

    Your book sounds great, and for 2 non-writers,you have a nice writing style! 🙂 I dig the story idea too!

    • We’ve tried to just write as we speak – minus the ums, arrs and profanity.It seems to flow that way though I’m sure we’ll get out share of bad reviews in no time.

      It was a fun story to do – arising from the question ‘How would I, as a lawyer, try and get away with murder?’ – to which the reply has to create reasonable doubt. Edwin’s quite clever in the way he plots to kill his wife – there isn’t a perfect crime, but there just might be a perfect defence.

    • once they’re in, they can’t get back out. There are no handles on this side. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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