Music Maestros

We’ve been set this challenge by our fellow members of The Society of Awesomness #TSOA Anya Breton and Ryan Burt. This simple-sounding challenge has nearly reduced us to tears of frustration. Not because we didn’t get the selection we hoped for, but after 2 years of owning our MP3 Players, we realised we didn’t know how to put them on to shuffle. We had to fetch the manual. This is both tragic and far more shameful than any song that might appear in our list. We have to shuffle twice, because the challenge is for 20 and ours only lets us do 13. So here goes.

1. ‘The Pretender’ – Foo Fighters

2. ‘Toy Soldiers’ – Martika

3. ‘Save You’ – Simple Plan

4. ‘A Thousand Words’ – Savage Garden

5. ‘Muscle Museum’ – Muse

6. ‘Do Da Da’ – Green Day

7. ‘Peacemaker’ – Green Day

8. ‘Some day the fire’ – Funeral for a Friend

9. ‘Smooth Criminal’ – Michael Jackson

10. ‘Last night on earth’ – Green Day

11. ‘Queen of New Orleans’ – Jon Bon Jovi

12. ‘Waste’ – Seether

13. ‘WAMS’ – Fall Out Boy

14. ‘Born to be Wild’ – Steppenwolf

15. ‘Glory Days’ – Bruce Springsteen

16. ‘Betty Davis Eyes’ – Kim Cairns

17. ‘Eyes without a Face’ – Billy Idol

18. ‘In Your Room’ – The Bangles

19. ‘I Alone’ – Live

20. ‘Last Ride In’ – Green Day

No My Chemical Romance? No We Are the Arsenal? *Sobbing*