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You’re probably sick of reading about the disasters that follow us around so we’re giving you a break from our screw ups for today. We have another guest! *checking the biscuits aren’t mouldy and shooing the cats off the settee* We’re thrilled to have the lovely L K Jay back on our blog! Her latest novel, The Policeman who was Afraid of the Dark was released on Monday and we encourage everyone to download it. Well, we say encourage. Those who don’t do, won’t be saved when the zombies come 😀

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

By L K Jay

I’m not.  When you are an intrepid ghost hunter, you can’t afford to be.

I had the pleasure of meeting the magnificent duo, C L Raven and their friend Ryan a few weeks ago and as I thought, we all got on like a house on fire.  We met at the Hell Fire Caves in West Wycombe, it was a beautifully sunny day and we delved into the spooky caves and had a lot of fun.  The history was interesting, the research was invaluable and the company was excellent.  I even had a picture taken of me with a silicon pig’s head Lord of the Flies style.  At least I think it was silicon.  And William Golding knew a thing or two about darkness.

You see, darkness is the theme of my new novel,’ The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark’.  My character, Detective Constable Saul Watson, has to experience darkness in many ways in order prove his innocence of a murder he did not commit.  He has to remember the dark memories of his past; of being locked in a lorry container, he has to experience being on the other side of the law when he is on the run and he sees just how dark human nature can be when he finds out what is really behind the murder he wakes up to.

But are you afraid of the dark?  Depends on what you call dark.  In taekwondo, the martial art I practice, our licence books say that when you are a black belt you become ‘impervious to darkness.’  Well I try to live up to that, we do like to laugh at the dramatic phrases of our martial arts masters  and I’ve never been punched in the face for real, so I would probably cry like a girl if I did.  It was funny though, when I went on the ghost walk in the underground tunnels of Edinburgh and they turned off the lights, everyone gathered around me.  Whether it was because they felt my martial arts super powers, knew I was a teacher and felt safe or because I had the biggest torch, I don’t know but it was jolly funny when the lights went up and everyone then shuffled away and looked really awkward in a very British way.

I remember something that somebody once said to me on my very first ghost walk.  ‘We have much more to worry about from the living than we do from the dead.’  And I could not agree more.  It is human beings that cause the darkness, we are responsible for our own shortcomings and most of the bad things that happen in this world are down to us, not the devil, not religion, not X-Factor, but us.  We make the decisions to bully or be corrupt, we make the decisions to blow up buildings with innocent people inside and we make the decisions to treat others cruelly.  So the way I see it, darkness is a state of mind.  You can switch on the light, use a good torch and just be nice.  If we all did that, then the world would be a better place.

L K Jay is the author of the novel ‘The Ghost Hunters Club’ and the newly released crime novel ‘The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. 


You can find her on her blog:

Or follow her on Twitter: @FenlandGirll



  1. “It is human beings that cause the darkness, we are responsible for our own shortcomings and most of the bad things that happen in this world are down to us, not the devil, not religion, not X-Factor, but us”

    Brilliant – and I couldn’t agree more!

    • we agree too. Although the X Factor might be responsible for a lot of things… 😀

  2. I’ve subscribed to your blog via email, L K, you’re an entertaining writer!

    • Thanks Lisa, glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be checking your blog out shortly as well 🙂

      • Thanks – that will encourage me to remember to write in my wordpress blog! I spend far too much time on my closed Facebook – which is not really helping, is it? ;p

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