Yes you’re probably sick of the sight of us right now but bear with us. Easter’s the time for over indulgence of everything that’s bad for you. Though we don’t come in shiny wrappers and if you try to smash us open, you will need to see a dentist.

We’ve been set a challenge by the totally awesome Sean and Dan Campbell, the mad duo behind 90 Days Novel. They’re aiming to write, edit and release an entire novel in 90 days. We thought we were mad for completing NaNoWriMo in 17 days. It’s always nice to find someone crazier than you. Comforting. So when the men in white coats come, we can point them in Sean and Dan’s direction while we run for the hills, straitjacket arms flapping. Anyhoo, this is their challenge –

go to page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Go to the 7th line down then copy and paste the next 7 lines into your blog. Then tag 7 other people and ask them to do the same. Beg them. Bribe them. Hell, yank their arm up behind their back and tickle them until they surrender. We’ll be jumping straight to the last option. We enjoy torturing people. We rock like that.

We’ve chosen what will be our debut novel, Soul Asylum. It’s set in a haunted asylum in Denbigh and most of you are now well aware that asylum is our Tantalus and we were politely ‘escorted’ off the grounds when we trespassed. We were really tempted to cheat and do the seven best lines we could find but for once we’ve stuck to the rules. This is our extract from page 7.

I took them to the social room. The fire danced mesmerisingly. Footsteps echoed around the room yet everyone was standing still. I recounted the spooky tales they longed to hear. I didn’t tell them this place was sometimes happy, with the staff trying their best to care for their growing number of patients and always introducing new ways to improve their quality of life. That wasn’t what these people wanted. They craved the terrifying stories that would rival Bedlam in their cruelty, depravity and misery.

Sometimes I wondered whether society locked up the wrong people.

Suddenly the room was crowded with expressionless people. An old man sat in the corner playing chess with someone who didn’t exist. 

And there you go. Now for our seven victims. We’ll also be picking some unpublished writers to force them to put their work out to the masses. Mwahahahahahahahaha! Ryan Burt. Anya Breton. L K Jay. Gena Mantz. Elaine Allen. Lisa Dee. Suzie Tullet.


  1. I was all excited about Se7en because it’s my 2nd favorite movie. But this sounds cool too 😀

    • we love the movie too! It’s just too good

  2. Love your seven lines ladies. We can’t wait to read Soul Asylum.

    Oh and yes we probably should be incareted for our own good. Thank god the mental health act doesn’t allow for locking up authors at will!

    • LOL! We don’t know how we’ve escaped for so long. Most authors would probably get locked up. Think about it – they make up worlds, hear characters talking to them & treat them like real people. Complete lunacy 😀 Oh and thank you for thinking of us to do this challenge.

  3. Should be post here or on our own blogs? Or both?

    • you can do both if you want, we just posted ours here

  4. Okey dokey, Ladies. For once, I’ll be a willing victim x

    • glad to hear it 🙂 can’t wait to read yours

  5. […] I don’t have anyone to tag as yet.  So I’ll just leave it as an open challenge to any writers.  Predictably, I didn’t get a particularly interesting part of my story, but one must follow the rules since they are legally binding!  See C L Raven’s original post here: […]

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  7. […] challenge comes from and this is how it goes. Go to page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Go to the 7th line down then copy […]

  8. Hello Ladies!
    Here are my se7en lines from my new novel, they’re from page 77…

    Yes, this one would work out well, there had been others but they had grown ideas of their own and tried to leave or deceive him but his pigs had seen to that.
    They both went down the stairs of the office and met their new client in the warehouse where he was waiting with a couple of goons standing behind him. Why they felt that was necessary was beyond him, this was a business transaction, not a rap video for God’s sake. Besides, he and his assistant carried Glocks that were more than up to the job.

    • They’re great lines! Very funny. Love the line about the pigs 😀 Thank you for accepting the challenge!

  9. I LOVE this 7-7-7 stuff. Remember me next time. Awesome!
    Lala AT

    • cool, we will remember you next time we’re set the challenge 🙂

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