Time of the month

Gunning Down Romance is one month old today! So we thought we’d blog about what it’s been like in our first month as Indie writers. So far we’ve sold 28 copies, so that equals roughly one a day, which we’re quite happy with. Most of them are in America, with 6 in the UK, one in Canada, one in France and two in Australia. 14 people have downloaded the 15% free sample from Smashwords but none of these have progressed into sales. Either they haven’t read it yet (we’re guilty of doing this) or they didn’t enjoy it. To help with the promotion, we made posters and bookmarks. Two posters are in our sister’s school staffrooms and one is adorning the window of our local Post Office. One of our Australian friends, Chris, requested 40 bookmarks and told us he’d put them in horror books in his local bookstores. We loved that idea! So we sent him a free copy of the book as a thank you. We’ve had 9 5* reviews on Amazon, which we’re thrilled with so huge thanks to everyone who’s left one. Hopefully the bookmarks will generate more interest in the book as right now our Amazon stats are plummeting so fast, they’re becoming Kamikaze pilots. If we hit the bottom of the graph, Amazon might explode.

Have we made our fortune? Hell no. In fact, we’re only halfway to paying off the images we bought for our book trailer and now we’ll have to sell even more to get back the money spent on making the bookmarks. We will probably never be in profit with this book. But if we wanted to make money, we wouldn’t be writers 😀 We’ve loved the whole learning process and being able to manically tap the thumbnail on Amazon and proudly declare “we did that. All by ourselves. Yeah us. Who can’t even work free photo editing software.” And we’ll be doing it again, with our twisted fairytale collection and with Soul Asylum. And probably with all our other novels and maybe we’ll write another Gunning Down Romance for next Valentine’s. After all the colour of Valentine’s is also the colour of blood.





  1. Happy burfday, GDR!!!!!!

  2. Chinese whispers – if one person tells a friend who tells a friend…. then sales will soar- and if you keep to one a day then that’s 365 in a year. It is a really good read and you should be very proud of yourselves. Put posters on your car windows.

    • thanks 🙂 we put one in Pinky today. Hopefully we’ll soon make enough to start paying more towards the shopping

  3. I think I got like 6 buys my first month on Amazon. So you’re blowing my debut out of the water. Congrats!

    • if it wasn’t for our friends on FB & Twitter, we wouldn’t have sold any. Well, apart from to our mum & sister. The rest of our family need to step up to the plate 😀

      • Yeah 2 of those were people I knew as well. But they didn’t give me a review *shakes fist*

      • *shakes fists* we promise we’ll leave you a review as soon as we’ve read your first Lore book. Crap! We haven’t downloaded it yet. Ok, we’ll download, read it then review it. In that order 🙂

      • awww thanks ladies! *blush*

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