Love Hurts by L K Jay

Roll up! Roll up! Another guest has decided to brave the gloomy corridors of Ravens Retreat. She was given a torch and a map at the door directing her to the cobweb filled living room of this crumbling asylum. After writing about ghost hunting, this place shouldn’t scare her too much. Aha. Here she is. She’s arrived safe and sound and covered in cobwebs. We’d like to introduce to the fabulous L K Jay, author of The Ghost Hunter’s Club.

Love Hurts…

By L K Jay


Two significant days happened to me this month which should have been important to me romantically.  Pity they were both utter non events but such is the story of my hopeless love life.  The first one was my 40th birthday.  A significant male friend came to visit, we went out for my birthday, got drunk, he made pass at me and then he decided that I wasn’t up to scratch.  A bloody marvellous way to start the 4th decade of my life.  Roll on Valentine’s day and as per usual, I get a credit card bill and council tax reminder but nothing made of cardboard.

Yet do I sit a weep on my sofa, listen to ‘Adele’ and mourn my loss?  Do I hell!

I get out my laptop, let the vitriol flow through my veins, my fingers fly across the keyboard and I write like fury.  Getting it out of my system by using the sorry events in a plot and onto paper is one of the best forms of therapy I know.  And once the story has been edited, formatted and the cover design finished, you might have a successfully selling story on your hands.  What better revenge is that?

This was why downloading C L Raven’s ‘Gunning Down Romance’ on Valentine’s day was such a satisfying read.  I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that Valentine’s is irritating but reading those macabre love stories where romance takes a deadly turn was gratifying to say the least.  What a delicious way to get your rubbish ex out of your head than imagining him being carved up, sautéed and served as an hors d’oeuvre?

It was exactly the same a couple of years ago when I met who should have been Mr Right.  He was tall, handsome, had a well paid job in the city and was funny to boot.  Was I swept off my feet and down the aisle?  No such luck.  Instead I found myself supervising a very, very drunk 6 foot 2 man who told me that despite being on a date, I was misinterpreting his interest in me and then promptly threw up in the middle of Leicester Square.  I don’t half pick ‘em.  But once I’d popped the blisters on my feet from wearing ridiculous shoes in order to impress this man, I sat at my laptop and started writing ‘The Ghost Hunters Club’.  Before long, my rubbish date was out of my system and by the time I had finished writing four months later I had completely forgotten about him and I had the first draft of my novel that I was really pleased with.

So here I am with a novel to publicise and a story to tell.  If you find yourself dumped, on your own and seething; don’t get mad, get even.  Use your experiences and write about them; you’ll feel better afterwards and you never know you might make a bob or two out of it.  After all, where there’s muck there’s brass!

‘The Ghost Hunters Club’ by L K Jay is available to download from Amazon. It’s got ghosts, drinking and hopeless men; see if you can spot the rubbish date and see what I do to him in the end…

The Ghost Hunters Club book trailer

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