Murder Mystery

We’ve been so busy with Gunning Down Romance we’ve fallen behind on Real Life. On the 18th, our mate Ryan’s mum, Theresa, hosted a murder mystery evening to celebrate our 29th birthday, which was on the 17th. The theme was 1942 Casablanca. We’d never attended one but had always wanted to. We were so excited. Lynx was playing Otto Von Pinklewurst (no laughing in the back) a mad, fanatical Gestapo officer with a venomous hatred of mime artists. Cat was playing Nicole Le Grandbutte, an 18 yr old Resistance helper who was having an on/off affair with Pierre Paysanski, a poet (played by Ryan, Cat’s ex). It all took place round the dinner table. We’ve never been so civilised!  Everyone was given scripts and some of us had clues that we had to reveal. It was so much fun, even if the accents would never win an Oscar.

The killer turned out to be a pair. We were hoping we were the killers as we have a hatred for mime artists. They’re creepy. Like silent clowns. *Shuddering.* Seeing as they’re overly fond of the whole ‘glass box’ mime, they can try miming their way out of a glass coffin. Then we hoped it would be Ryan so we could see that murdering scumbag dragged out in handcuffs. Sadly not. Theresa and her sister were the culprits, though Otto Von Pinklewurst was the prime suspect as he spent the dinner calling for the death of all mime artists. Never thought we’d agree with an insane Nazi…

We definitely recommend people do a murder mystery event. It’s fun, you get to dress up, play a character and accuse the dirty lowlives at the party of committing heinous crimes.

Our next guest blogger will be the lovely L K Jay, author of The Ghost Hunters Club, so don’t forget to drop by and say hi.