Romance is Dead

Gunning Down Romance has now been out a week */* are we bestsellers? No. Are we charging up the rankings? Er, no. But we’re tobogganing down them at Olympic Gold winning speed. Are you surprised? Hell no. We didn’t go into this with rosy dreams of becoming the next JK Rowling, because we know her level of success and fortune is incredibly rare in the writing world. She’s just the one you hear about. For the rest of us, we’re lucky if we can make enough to live on. Though we’re not even doing that. Hell, we haven’t even made enough to pay off the £15 we spent on images for the book trailer! Do we care? Not especially. We’ve been making our own books since we were 12. We did it then for the love of writing. 17 years later, nothing’s changed. Well, our writing has improved tremendously (we hope) and our books are no longer bound with plastic rings with childish drawings on the cover (mainly ‘cos we didn’t draw the cover :D)

The book is still pending approval to Smashwords’ Premium Catalogue. We’re beginning to think they took one look at us and escaped out the toilet window. *looking around* guess we’re paying the bill then. Things have quietened down now and we’re back to doing the edits on Soul Asylum. We’ve currently cut a further 8000 words from it. The learning curve for Gunning Down Romance was stressful and a little complicated. At times it felt like our brains would actually explode because they were so full. And now that it’s all over, we can’t wait to do it again. We’re desperate to release Soul Asylum and our fairytale collection. We’ve been working on those stories for a while now, we take a break and suddenly, there’s fairytale adaptations everywhere! TV series, films, books. They stole our idea! We really need to find those chips the government implanted in our minds. They’re just downloading everything we think of and making it into films. Aw crap. *Hurriedly buying Men in Black mind wiping device* really do NOT want to see THAT on the big screen 😉


The hilarious Julie Lindsey will be coming on this blog on Thursday and the amazing Indie author L K Jay will soon be making a guest appearance. We’ll make sure to have the biscuits ready