Failure to Launch

*Cue creepy astronaut’s voice* “Smashwords, we have a problem.” Yesterday Smashwords was down. All day. So we couldn’t publish Gunning Down Romance. Amazon released it a day early, Smashwords a day late. So our big Valentine’s launch did not happen on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the link

New users to the site will have an adult filter automatically on so go to the bottom of the page and switch it off or you won’t be able to find our book without the direct link *pointing above* it’s pending approval for the premium catalogue so expect a ranting blog if it doesn’t get in 😉


  1. Well, you gotta protect the idiot children shopping on Smashwords….aha……

    • we were panicking because we couldn’t find our book then we noticed a link about adult content and because we’d clicked that it contained adult content, it informed us new users had a filter put on automatically. So we switched it off and there it was! People will probably think it’s nothing but grisly murders and sex! Oh right… 😉

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