Book Trailer Woes

Do you want the bad news first? Might as well, stop it spoiling the good news. On Tuesday, we were lamenting the fact we’d had two rejections. Our lovely Facebook friends were rallying around to boost our flagging confidence and encourage us. On Wednesday, we had another one.

That’s the bad news out of the way. Though there isn’t actually any good news to heal the wounds. Sorry about that. But we want to share our mistakes so you don’t make the same. These mistakes concern the book trailer. If you follow us on Twitter, you will have seen all the tweets that end with #booktrailerwoes because this thing is driving us crazy. Well, ok, we were already there, but it’s jabbing us with sharp sticks and taunting us that we’ll never escape. First there was our epic search for the right music. One of the best sites we’ve come across is which is Kevin Macleod’s site. It’s all royalty free, free music. You just have to credit him and if you want to donate, it’s optional. The guys ha literally hundreds of tracks. We know, because we’ve listened to almost all of them. We’ve picked out a couple we think we can use for our book trailer, but have to see if they match our images first. is another that has free sound effects, things like howling wind, crunching snow, screams, etc.

So the music’s sort of done, it’s just the images. The bloody images. We have spent DAYS, if not weeks, scouring websites for royalty free images. has absolutely free ones. So far, the best ones we’ve found are on and 123 is the cheaper of the two and they have thousands of really cool images, for 47p/63p per credit (you need credits to download the photos). But this is where we made our mistake. After days of trawling the sites, marking down the pages of images we liked in our journals, a notebook, whatever paper we had to hand, when it came to narrowing down our selection, some of the images had jumped to a different page, or we hadn’t written down which website the pages for ‘woman with rose’ came from. We trusted our memories, forgetting our memories eloped with our sanity years ago and neither have been seen since. When we finally got round to registering on 123, we discovered the lightbox feature, where if you find an image you like, you add it to the lightbox and all your images are stored there, save you searching for them. We nearly cried when we discovered this. So if you find images you like, register and put them in your lightbox before they do a disappearing act on you. Do it now! NOW!

Urged on by our friend, Lisa Dee, who’s also learning about ebook publication with us, we’ve set up a fan page for Gunning Down Romance on Facebook there’s also going to be a launch on Facebook for it. We’ll probably post anti-love songs, links to buy the book and have the book trailer on there. If the damn thing ever gets made. Oh we also have to write a synopsis, finish redrafting the stories, do a proper front cover then format it. With just over two weeks to go. Might need some more Red Bull…


  1. What I like about you two as artists is that you’re totally willing to share your experience and knowledge. This tip may indeed save someone a lot of headache. But what goes around, comes around – and I think more help will come your way!

    Oh, and just to add that is a freeshare audio manipulation file program – for those who want to narrate their videos. I’m still in the process of learning to use it but it does look good.

    • The way we see it is, we’ve had help, or read other stuff people have shared and it’s been so useful, so we want to help others in return. And if it saves someone else having a meltdown or pulling on a helmet to scream until the visor mists, then it’s a good thing 😀

      We’ll have to check out that site, thanks 🙂 We were thinking of having a bit of narration on our Soul Asylum trailer – but we’d have to find someone with a nice Welsh lilt. Nothing too strong that non-Welshies can’t understand. Something like our nan’s side of the family, who are from Ammanford. Maybe we can take another trip north and accost the locals 😀

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