We see a Dark Moon Rising

Issue 6 of Dark Moon Digest is out now. And we’re in it! 🙂 We’ve been waiting since June for it to be released and finally the wait is over. We’re so excited. It’s our first American publication. Hopefully the first of many as long as we behave ourselves and don’t get our names black listed 😀 The Ferryman is an updated version of Chiron but set on a train driven by Chiron’s son, who was forced into the job and is now stuck there. The hero, Hayden, misses his train and ends up on The Ferryman, where he discovers the end destination is quite possibly Hell on earth.

We’re also editing a short story, The Darkshines, a dark story set in a town that is the physical manifestation of the horror of depression. It took us ages to write because we stopped to work on our NaNo novel but it’s now finally shaping up into the atmospheric tale we imagined in our heads.  Once we’re done with that we’ll submit it then continue working on our Twisted Fairytales collection which we’re hoping to epublish this year. We’ve done 3 versions of Snow White and are redrafting our version of Sleeping Beauty. Just have to decide which other fairytales we’re going to twist. Though not sure we can make them more twisted than the original versions 😀


  1. Lovely to hear of your success. Well done – you deserve every publication as you strive to achieve the perfect story.

    • thanks 🙂 Glad it’s finally out. It was accepted in June and you know how impatient we are 😀

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