Songs for Whoever

Santa Baby

Santa baby, slip a pistol under the tree, oh please.

We’ve been awful bad girls.

Santa baby, or we’ll put a bullet in your chimney tonight.

Santa sweetie, a Jag E Type and Citreon DS, must stress,

or we’ll cut off your ear.

Santa baby, or we’ll smoke you out the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun we’ve missed

Think of all the fellas that we haven’t kissed.

Next year we could be oh so good

If you’d check off our Christmas list.

Boo doo bee doo

Santa honey, we want Wentworth Miller ‘cos he’s really hot.

We’ve been dark angels all year.

Santa baby, or we’ll kick you up your chimney tonight.

Santa cutie, there’s one thing we really do need, the deed

To a Gothic castle.

Santa baby, or we’ll burn down your chimney tonight.

Santa hotty, we’re filling ours stockings with a contract, that’s fact.

Sign your ‘X’ on the line.

Santa baby, or we’ll brick up the chimney tonight.

We want a black Christmas tree

with some decorations that are scary.

We really don’t believe in you

Let’s see if you’ll obey us.

Boo doo bee doo

Santa darling, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring

with a skull and crossbones.

Santa baby, or we’ll fire arrows up your chimney tonight.

Pour tar down the chimney tonight.

Make an iron maiden chimney tonight.


Silent Night

Silent night, eerie night

Skeletons’ bones are white.

In graveyards, their parties are wild.

They shake their bones then fall in a pile.

Til someone calls the police.

Til someone calls the police.


Silent night, eerie night

Angels quake at the sight

at skeletons with a limbo bar.

The winner shouts Alleluia!

The skeletons get bored.

The skeletons get bored.


Silent night, eerie night

Skeletons dance in the moonlight.

Fierce flames glow in pumpkins’ eyes

The gravedigger got a nasty surprise.

Their bones are back in the earth.

Their bones are back in the earth.