Challenge Anneka

We’ve nearly finished writing our NaNoWriMo novel, Field of Screams – 5 chapters to go and realised we hadn’t answered one of the main plots – who killed Ceri? Short of setting a trap for the killer or inviting a team of unrealistically glamorous CSIs into our home, where they could go over the crime scene in their clean white trousers, high heels, Max Factor perfect makeup and rush off to the lab with every scrap of evidence they find, we had to make a decision. So in a five minute discussion before the revelation chapter was written, we decided on our first suspect. No, we’re not going to tell you who it is. You’ll have to wait ’til the book’s published. By then you won’t even remember this post. Or any of our posts. Or even who we are! You’ll be very grateful for that 😀

We decided on a new project that we’re very excited about – rewriting fairy tales and putting them together in a short story collection. We’ve already got 2 or 3 versions of Snow White, so we’ll rewrite the others. We’ve also written a funny poem about fairy tales that we can stick at the front of the collection. So far our Snow White tales include one version where she’s a Goth and the 7 Dwarves are actually 7 vampires, with Prince Charming being head vampire and the other version is told from the hilarious, bitter POV of Snow White’s man eating step mother. Really looking forwards to warping the other tales. Not that they need much warping. A woman who stays with 7 men who expect her to cook and clean for them? Who is dead in her coffin when the prince comes and demands she’s taken to his castle ‘cos he’s fallen in love with her? *coughing* necrophiliac. Another woman who sleeps for a hundred years and doesn’t wake needing the biggest leg wax of her life and who is discovered by a different prince who sees her sleeping and decides to steal a kiss while she’s unconscious and can’t give her consent? And not to mention Hansel and Gretel. They ate a woman’s HOUSE! Wasn’t it stale? Think of the BUGS, people! And Goldilocks! Why was she never brought up on B & E charges?

Ok before we start ranting about every fairy tale, we’ll move swiftly on. Last year one of our FB friends set us a challenge to make a Christmas tree out of Red Bull cans. We never back away from a challenge so we did it. And it looked amazing. This year we’ve been set the challenge to do it again, but made in a different way. So we’ve raided our recycling bags. Unfortunately the recycling went on Friday, so that means we’ll have to drink a lot of Red Bull to get the tree finished in time. Artists must suffer for their work 😀 It’s another plus point in our ‘we will never give up RB’ argument with our mum. Mum: Red Bull is bad for you. Stop drinking it. Us: we must make a Red Bull Christmas tree. You want us to be a bit more Christmassy for our niece, Grumblebum, we’re compromising here. Yeah we win that one. Imagine us on double the amount of Red Bull we already drink. We’ll be in turbo mode! *Cracking open giant RB & singing to Auld Lang’s Syne* We’ll drink more cans of RB yet, ’til our eyes be twitching fine! We’ll drink more cans of RB yet so our tree is built in time!