The Aftermath is Secondary

our NaNoWriMo word count

NaNoWriMo is over. And as you can see by the tiny figures, we verified our novel at 80, 386. Our word count told us we’d done 80, 506, but we hit our 80K target, so we won’t argue too much with it. We’d done our 50K the night before we went to North Wales, so we wanted to aim for a bigger target. Now we just have to finish the novel. This was our first ever NaNoWriMo and it’s been fun. It wasn’t the frantic living, breathing, eating our novel that we thought it would be, but then 50K a month is our usual pace. If it wasn’t for our four day break in the middle, we might’ve hit 100k, but we can try that next year.

The main thing we’re grateful for, is that it forced us to write Field of Screams. We’ve been wanting to turn that short story into a novel since we wrote it in February or March 2010, 3 weeks before the Writing Magazine deadline, but other novels got in the way – Scott the Zombie for one then cutting down the hefty novels – Majesty of Darkness, Raising the Dead, Soul Asylum and working on Director’s Cut for the first time in 3 years. We told ourselves that the only way to get published, was to trim our novels down enough to be able to submit them then we could write a new one once they’d been sent out into the scary world of publishing. But that day never came, because once they’d been cut, we’d move onto another novel to cut, etc. Even this time, we were in the middle of redrafting Scott, so if wasn’t for NaNo, Field of Screams would waited even longer.

Another reason for not writing it, was we weren’t sure if the ideas in the short story were enough to sustain a novel. But we’re having so much fun writing it, we’re planning to write a sequel. Though we’ve been saying that about Raising the Dead for a few years too. Maybe the sequel could be next NaNo’s novel. That could be our master plan – write a novel in November then spend the rest of the year working on redrafts. Who are we kidding? We’re not planners. We wing everything. We’ve winged our way through Field of Screams with only glancing at our plan sheet once or twice. The minute our fingers hit the keyboard, the words just fall out of our brains, down our arms and onto the page. Planning takes the fun out of it. Like having Sat Nav. It’s getting lost and travelling roads you didn’t mean to go down that lead to the prettiest places.

Speaking of Majesty of Darkness, it’s now been rejected by 5 agents 😦 but we sent it to another agent today 🙂 We haven’t heard back from the publisher we sent it to, but we only sent it in October, so we don’t expect to hear back before January. We’ve now got an editor to work on Soul Asylum with us. We’re thinking of self e-publishing it and all the advice says to get your work professionally edited. Whether we make this money back, we doubt it, but we can always sell a kidney. Hair would be easier to sell, but ours is too short to interest the rich & vain. One of our FB friends has kindly designed a cover for us and we’re thinking of making a book trailer for YouTube, though as usual, our ideas far outweigh our skills, so it’ll will look amazing in our heads, terrible on film. But we’ll keep you updated on what we decide. Wonder what acting agency employs ghosts…