Long Road to Ruin

Day 1 – Nov 18th

Well… where do we start? We left our house at 9 am ready for our great paranormal adventure. Three hours in, we were totally lost. Several miles off course and heading back to somewhere in Mid Wales. Not only were we lost but to get to where we were, we had to wait at road work traffic lights for 15 minutes then be taken through the road works by a convoy vehicle. Like the safety car in F1. Then we had to turn around and wait at the other end of the traffic lights to be taken back through by the bloody safety car. We also got stuck behind numerous lorries and buses (one lorry doing 13 mph!) and because North Wales is full of mountainous A roads, you can’t overtake. SIX hours after we left home, we arrived in Beddgelert. The POA was go to Beddgelert then Caernarfon castle. But the light failed us. So we went to Gelert’s grave then sat in the Prince Llewelyn pub for a while. They had free Wi-Fi. Cheering, we hurried back to the car to fetch our laptop so we could connect to the internet. Except the Wi-Fi failed. Our mum was receiving dictated texts to update FB and Twitter for us in between caring for our animal army.

And then what happened when we finally made it to Bangor? We got lost. Hopelessly, utterly, embarrassingly LOST. Stopped at a chip shop to ask for directions. We blamed our navigator, Ryan. Men just can’t read maps. After following the chippie owner’s directions, we ended up even more lost and down some dark country lane in the middle of…hell, we have NO idea. Eventually made it to the Travelodge at 6:30. What did we accomplish in 9 and a half hours? Visiting a dog’s grave. Wonderful.