Agents 007

We’ve finally done something we’ve been debating about for ages. No, we haven’t yet managed to track down a real life vampire to turn us. So if anyone knows of one… 😀 We’ve done something far scarier – submitted a novel to an agent. Actually, 7 agents. This week has been busy. As well as NaNoWriMo (currently just passed 30,000 word mark) we’ve been celebrating National Short Story Week by submitting a different short story to a different horror magazine every day this week. Then yesterday we sent Majesty of Darkness to seven different agents. Well we figured 11/11/11 was supposed to really lucky so we decided to capitalise on it. Unfortunately we ran out of time to do spells. Though judging by the last two mishaps we’ve had involving fire spells, maybe that’s just as well. Note to selves – stay. the. hell. away. from. fire. Why do we never learn? Anyhoo, we’d spent hours reading a blog post about agents, what they do, how to submit, covering letter, synopsis etc and when our brains were well and truly frazzled, we made a short list then researched those agents before selecting seven to send to. 4 were happy to receive email submissions, 3 wanted postal entries. Wondering now whether we should pick 7 more and boot Soul Asylum out into the big bad world, seeing as next weekend we’ll once again be visiting the abandoned North Wales asylum where the book is set. Would love to get inside it. Wonder if they’ve removed the guard dog signs yet…if not, really hope Ryan can run fast. Not too fast though, we want to enjoy it 😉

Our NaNoWriMo stats reckon we’ll hit our 50,000 word target by November 18th, which is the day we’ll be heading up to North Wales to do an overnight ghost tour in an abandoned jail. What is it with us and abandoned haunted places? We’re drawn to them like zombies to brains. We’re hoping to reach our target on the 17th so we can enjoy our three days away without worrying about winning. We don’t want to make our stats out to be a liar. Its reputation might never recover.