And we’re off! Started turning Field of Screams into a novel for NaNoWriMo this morning. As you can see by the pic, Red Bull and cauldron shaped shortbread biscuits we made helped enormously. Did a workout in our attic gym to keep minds and bodies awake then started work at 10:30. By 12 we had 2185 words done. Already beaten our target! Not only beaten, but completely pulverised. If it was a person, we’d be up on assault charges 😀 Then had to take a massive break to see our psychologist, do some shopping, rant at the empty Tesco photo desk because we’d done our photos then couldn’t process them because there was no staff there. Ranted at the kiosk guy then muttered curses all the way home. Then it was time to give the iguana his bath. But we’re back at work now. Well one of us is. The other one is on here, swearing at Facebook because the photo upload is totally crap and if FB isn’t careful, it will be sent a handmade glitter bomb. Yeah let’s see how joyous they are picking glitter out of their keyboards.

Anyhoo, good luck to everyone taking part in NaNoWriMo. We’re doing a ghost walk on Friday. What better way to celebrate the first week of writing a ghost novel? Hopefully we’ll see some ghosts. We don’t believe in ghosts but really want to see one. We’re weird like that. Maybe we can grope and assault others people in the group and blame it on the ghosts. Don’t tell anyone what we’re planning otherwise they won’t believe us. Better start practising our innocent expressions.


  1. Good luck in NaNoWriMo. I keep trying to decide if I am doing it this year or not. It’s that or work on the book I just finished. I might try both. Keep rocking along on yours.

    • thank you! It’s our first year of doing it. Mainly because when November rears its ugly non Halloweeny head we’re usually either part way through writing a new novel or are in the middle of redrafting a different one. This year we’re again in the middle of redrafting our zombie comedy novel but we’ve had a ghost comedy novel planned for over a year so NaNoWriMo has given us the push to get it done. We think you should work on both, that way if you get stuck writing, having a break to work on the other one might clear your head. Good luck with both projects! 🙂

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