Deadly Reflection

 Happy Halloween! As you can see, we’re Freddy Vs Jason this year. We went to Cardiff Castle yesterday for a ghost tour round the clock tower then we went into the secret tunnels and air raid shelters. Probably just as well, because we’re planning to take over Cardiff Castle during the Zombie Apocalypse so it’s good to have a recce beforehand. We were the ONLY adults dressed up. It was a poor effort from everyone. Only kids were dressed up. What is WRONG with people? Are they allergic to fun?

We were going to write a short story for our blog for today, but we forgot. And didn’t have much time because we redrafted The Black Kiss for Draven Ames’ blog, are in the middle of writing a short story, The Darkshines and are redrafting Scott the Zombie’s novel. So you can have a spooky poem instead.

Deadly Reflection.


“I’m your pain and misery.”

“Your eyes confess your agony.”

“I’m the symbol of your decaying hope,”

“I can’t explain what you evoke.”

“I’m your tortured hangman’s noose.”

“I can feel your soul’s abuse.”

“I’m what you crave when you feel remote.”

“Your deadly necklace adorns your throat.”

“I’m a shadow on your sanity.”

“You’re just a rotting effigy.

I fight with passion, live for love.”

“I’m what’s left when it’s not enough.

I’m the wound from which you bleed.”

“What you are I can’t conceive.”

“I’m the one that you don’t know.”

“Why d’you look so decomposed?”

“I have joined Death’s black parade

Free from life’s cruel masquerade.”

“What drove you to this final act?

To choose a route with no way back?”

“I’m your future, you’re my past.”

“You’re a reflection in the glass.”

“I’m your hate, your guilt, your sin.

I’m the monster that lurks within.”

“When did your heart go to its grave?”

“I’m your soul when the passion fades.”

“This mirrored gateway’s a murder scene.”

“I’m your voice when you can’t scream.

Your fractured mind will one day break.

This tragic fate you can’t escape.”

“You’re stained by all the tears you’ve cried.”

“I’m the end you won’t survive.”

“You have my face, yet I’m alive.”

“I’m your future suicide.”