Mind’s Eye

First, we want to wish My Chemical Romance’s album, The Black Parade, a very happy fifth birthday. We’ve told you a lot about how much this band and this album in particular has inspired us, so it deserves a mention.

We came up with an idea for a short story last night that we’re very excited about. It’s going to be dark, gloomy, full of despair and the odd funny line. Well, we’ll think it’s funny. If the images in our heads are a good indicator then it will be one of our best stories. Ok, it doesn’t have a lot of competition in that department, but still. At the moment it’s just a lot of random images and ideas but we’ll soon extract it. We just hope that when we’ve plucked them from our minds and splattered them over the screen that nothing gets lost in transition. We don’t want the beautiful images turned into Picasso paintings. But you know what removal men are like – they always smash the valuable pieces. When we write, we don’t see the words we’re writing, or sentence structure or any of the technical side, we just see the pictures. It’s like watching a film. We’re the same with reading, which is why generally we prefer the books to film adaptations. (The characters are way better looking in our heads.)