ok, decision made. We’re doing NaNoWriMo. A very influential sock monkey by the name of Antoine told us to start the novel BEFORE November. Well, we do like breaking the rules… 😉 don’t worry, we’ll start in November 🙂

hell yeah!

Write Way

We’ve done it! Majesty of Darkness has been trimmed to a svelte 129K words, double checked for errors and submitted to a publisher */* (Must thank our wonderful tweep, @mousicorn for teaching us that little cheering person). We’ve never submitted it to a publisher before, only novel competitions and you all know how that turned out. The main reason for not submitting it, is the same for all our novels – they’re too damn long so we spend far more time cutting words than we did writing the damn things. But it’s done, so hopefully next year, we can say we’re published authors 🙂 How long d’you think Tim Burton will take to call and beg us to let him turn it into an animation? A week after publication? A year? How long should we keep him waiting before saying “hell yeah!” Ok, we know, it’s just a dream. But it’s not a bad one to have. We’ve promised our friend, Mish, a job with Burton, so it has to happen.

Now that MOD’s out the way, we’re at the typical loss of what to do. We actually took yesterday evening off to read, but if we’re not working on something, we get bored, which invites the darkshines to come and play. We have a quandary – NaNoWriMo starts next month and we’re wondering whether we should take part this year. We’ve never done it before – purely because we’re either already writing a novel when it starts, or in the middle of redrafting one. But this year, we’re wondering if we should join in. We have a novel in mind – Field of Screams, the short story which won Writing Magazine’s ghost story competition – and we know we’ll be able to hit the 50K word target. Fellow writers, don’t hate us for saying this, but we can usually writer a 15oK novel in 6 weeks. We have several advantages – sharing the workload, not having ‘proper jobs’ or kids to look after (which is harder than a proper job) and being plagued by burning desires to write which result in teenage style tantrums if we’re kept from the laptop for too long.

One reason we’re undecided, is that it doesn’t start for another two weeks. What the hell are we going to do for two weeks? We’ll go mad. There are some short stories which haven’t been worked on for a while, or we could always write more, but that won’t keep us out of mischief for long. We could always start redrafting another novel then wait ’til November’s over to pick it up again, or work on it while the other’s writing, but then that would cut into our FB time 😀 We’ll let you know what we decide. If you’re taking part, we wish you the best of luck and even if you don’t hit the 50K, whatever you write, you’re partway through your novel so be proud of that.