The End is Nigh

We’ve got one chapter to go before we’ve finished our redraft of our novel, Majesty of Darkness. Think this might be our seventh redraft. Possibly eighth. We don’t print out every redraft so we tend to lose count. When the novels are as long as ours tend to be, printing out every redraft would use a lot of paper and ink. Though those bulging manuscripts would be handy to fend off burglars. Even if we didn’t manage to brain them, we could always paper cut them to death. Yeah, that’d stop them *shaking MS menacingly*. As soon as we’ve finished, celebrated at how many words we managed to cut this time and done the tedious bit of formatting and re-checking for tiny mistakes, we’ll submit it. The checking for mistakes is very important, especially because we like to write our novels in fancy fonts, which aren’t always easy to spot mistakes in, so we then put it into TNR to double check. We know we’re making work for ourselves, but choosing a new font for a new novel is really exciting. When we used to write our novels long hand, we’d get excited by opening a new A4 notebook, choosing a pen and writing that first line. Now it’s opening a new folder and seeing it fill, chapter by chapter. It’s not quite the same, but it still thrills us.

We haven’t written a new novel since Scott the Zombie last August, so we’re looking forwards to starting a new one. We mostly just redraft the ones we’ve got, in a desperate attempt to get them to a publisher’s desired word count. We see first drafts as the skeleton of our work. Nothing special, but most of the important structure’s there. Then the next redrafts are putting flesh on the skeleton, so it resembles the image in your head. Then you realise your beauty is a little, well, flabby and needs to tone up. So you send it to word boot camp and whip it into shape until it’s trimmed, toned and ready to unleash it’s beauty on the catwalk. Or bookshelves. You just have to be careful you don’t get carried away and whip out a vital organ. Those things can be hard to put back in.