Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.

Last Thursday we nearly had a meltdown of apoplectic proportions – we couldn’t find our VHS of Beetlejuice. Yes we still use VHS – the video player still works and we’re not forking out on DVDs when we’ve already got them on tape. We need our funds for our world take over campaign. Umm, you know nothing about any world take over campaign, right? 😉 Anyhoo, Channel 5 must’ve bugged our house and heard our despair, because they showed Beetlejuice yesterday 🙂 We haven’t seen it for about 10 years and now we’re older, we can appreciate the full extent of its geniusness. It’s a masterpiece. We forgot how much we loved it.

But there was something else we noticed – the film subconsciously influenced our novel, Majesty of Darkness. We haven’t seen the film since we wrote the book, but there are similarities in ideas – we have a receptionist who’s a funny colour & slit her wrists. The scene where the trapped souls are behind the window – we have trapped souls under a staircase in Legion of the Damned, and that book was only written a few years ago. We have leaflets about being recently deceased – though they’re not informative like the handbook, just insulting. The receptionist wrote them. The scene where Betelgeuse has spikes coming out of him? Our hero’s right hand man has spikes, but only on his arms and legs. And we also have weird sculptures like Delia’s, though they don’t look like hers. And when Adam’s jaw fell off – we’d just read a scene where one of the dead’s jaw falls off and he has to clip it back on. It’s weird how these things must’ve stuck with us, even through a ten year gap from watching the film. Luckily that’s where the similarities end. Unless of course we can get MOD published and convince Tim Burton to make it into an animation or a film. Anyone know of an eight foot tall skeleton looking for acting work? Maybe if we call him, he’ll come. “Burton. Burton. Burton.” *Crossing fingers and opening one eye.* Is he here yet?



  1. If you get The Mighty Tim Burton on board for this you must promise me a job of any description…..I can look after that 8ft skeleton even….anything lol! 😀

  2. hi, I stumbled across your page by accident in search of a some what decent still image of Beetlejuice with his infamous spikes for a 3d modeling project. Any advice for links to pages of all things Beetleguese? I know you’re a fan like myself, but fans with seemingly legit webpages and works of their own, in my opinion, is th best and only place to start. I would get the image via Final Cut, however I too am believer of the tangible VHS, and the “if its not broken” idea. Thanks for any advice, sick page, headed to check out some of your works. I apologize if people ask you this same question repeatedly, but you do know the band Tegan and Sara yes? If not, which I doubt, google them and you will know what I mean. -Kate

    • hiya, have you tried looking on YouTube for the clip then pausing it on his spikes? We checked Google Images and if you type ‘Beetlejuice with spikes’ you get a guy in a costume with the spikes, but that’s the only image 😦 That sounds like a great project! We’ve never looked for any links for Beetlejuice, which is strange ‘cos it’s one of our favourite films. We watched it the other day and get so excited the moment we hear the intro music 😀 Watching it now we can see some of the ideas from Nightmare Before Christmas in it which makes us appreciate it so much more! Have never heard of the band but we’re going to Google them now. We’re intrigued. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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