Director’s Cut

We’ve just started redrafting our novel, Director’s Cut, which we haven’t looked at since May 2008, so we fully expect it to be craptastic. We usually get so caught up doing our 5 main novels that we don’t bother with all the ones we’ve written before. Plus we think they’ll need too much work, so it’s easier to stick with our favourites. But with the other 5 either off to the Yeovil Literary Prize, or having just been worked on, we were at a loss of what to do. The time between redrafting novels is hard. We want to be working on one, but also feel we need a bit of a break before diving back into another novel. We usually work on short stories, but we’ve been really listless. It doesn’t help with being whacked with a full force of the darkshines. Usually we write and escape out of our heads, locking the darkshines behind their dungeon door, but ‘cos we’ve been in between novels, the darkshines broke out and have been tormenting our mental asylums unshackled.

Hence redrafting a potentially craptastic novel from 3 years ago. Though we’re not sure a book about a serial killer is the best way to silence the demons, but it’s better than reading Mills and Boon. (Don’t ask.) We can’t remember when we first started writing Director’s Cut, but it was probably about ten years ago and it’s changed a lot since then. It started out being told in first person POV but during the last redraft, we changed it to third person POV told from a camera’s perspective, which gives it the right amount of emotional detachment to match the anti-hero’s. Except after reading the first chapter, we realised we gave the camera emotion and thoughts, so we’ve been taking that out. It’s a dark book, with some inventive ways of killing people. We really dived into the creative treasure chest to think up unusual methods of killing. One body disposal involves a cheese grater…we’ve never been able to look at one in the same way again 😀

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