Final Draft

The final edited version of The Ferryman has now been sent back to the publisher 🙂 We’ve had a lot of fun working with an editor for the very first time. It made us feel like proper writers instead of enthusiastic amateurs. With the help our our editor, we managed to solve the problem of the two distinct voices. First we tried rewriting it in third person, but we all agreed it wasn’t as good as the first person POV, so in the end, our editor, Manny, came up with a solution to fade out the flippant narrative towards the end, but also add humour to the darkly descriptive narrative in the beginning. We also rewrote the weak ending and came up with a much better ending, which was inspired by Dante’s nine circles of Hell. Or in The Ferryman’s case – train stations. We’d also given the edited version to our mum to see what she suggested. Funnily enough, her suggestions were the same as Manny’s. So it’s great knowing that our mum’s editing skills are fully up to scratch. Most people recommend that you don’t let family critique your work because they’ll just praise it. Luckily our mum’s not like that. She gives good, honest criticism. Sometimes we don’t want to hear it and yes we have the odd strop about it, but that’s probably when the Red Bull’s worn off. But at least we know that when she praises it, it means it is actually good. We don’t know when The Ferryman will be published in Dark Moon Digest, but we will let you know.

Our Submission Mission took a hit in July – we didn’t send anything off 😦 but we were 6 pieces ahead so it hasn’t damaged the mission. But we still need to get this train wreck back on track. We sent off one our favourite stories, Death’s Cold Kiss to The Short Story competition yesterday, so we’re keeping our talons crossed. It was one of the first short stories we ever wrote and it keeps getting shortlisted, but never gets published. It’s changed a lot since we first wrote it. It’s still the same story, just better, with more original ideas and more rounded characters. So hopefully this time will be its time in the limelight.