Choc Lit

Have started working on the proposed changes to The Ferryman that the editor from Dark Moon Digest has suggested. We’ve rewritten the ending, cut some words and are now frantically drinking a giant can of Red Bull whilst staring helplessly at the screen. Though we do get to use the highlighter tool, so our work looks all pretty, like a scribbled on rainbow.  The problem we’re having is there is two different narrative voices in the story. It’s told from first person POV so Hayden’s voice is comic but we’ve included dark, descriptive narrative as well. This reflects our paradoxical nature and it comes out in our stories. If we remove the descriptive narrative the dark tone of the story vanishes but if we remove the comic narrative, Hayden’s personality and ‘voice’ will go. *Groaning and mashing faces on keyboard* Really don’t know what to do about this. It’s our first experience of working with an editor. We considered changing the narrative into third person but feel that will diminish Hayden’s character. We almost always write in first person because we like to be inside the character, like crazed puppeteers. Maybe a packet of Vegan Smarties will help. Probably not but hell they taste good.

Ok. One packet of Smarties and a giant Red Bull later…it’s time to give the iguana his daily bath. Might try third person. We’ve got to keep ourselves amused or we get mischievous. There’s only so many weird, made up courses and languages we can add to our FB profile at University of World Domination.vegan chocolates!