Little Mr. Muffin

Hey yummy brains, it’s Scott. I’ve managed to swipe the laptop while one of my Necromancers is working on a novel that’s NOT mine & the other one is running their duck a bath. They’ve never run me a bath. They’ve left all the tabs open on their laptop so just before I logged on to write this, I had a peek at what they’re doing. I found this zombie killing pyjamas. I feel so betrayed. I know they’re torn about which side to take when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, but I would’ve thought their love for me would secure their loyalty. The worst thing is, I want a pair. But I think I’ve figured out a way to rescue this situation. If they decide to order them (I may cancel their credit card) I’ll just buy some t-shirt paint and change the l’s to s’s. Zombie kissing pyjamas are much better 😀

My Necromancers were baking muffins yesterday with their niece. It was their first ever attempt and the kitchen looked like a bag of flour had been slaughtered. Not sure what was more covered – the floor, the worktop or them. The muffins smelled so good I decided to try making one. So I stuffed a snack sized brain with blueberries and slotted it into the oven when their backs were turned. Unfortunately, my Necromancers had to go out, so left their older sister, Sarah, in charge of cooking the muffins. Let’s just say she wasn’t overly impressed with my baking attempts when she pulled everything out of the oven 😀 I snatched my bruffin (brain muffin) and scampered to my room to eat it. It was delicious! I really should write my own cookbook. There are cookbooks for vegans (which my Necromancers are), so why can’t there be cookbooks for zombies? I sense a gap in the market.

Scott x

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