Most Haunted

We went to the Skirrid Inn in Llanvihangel Crucorney yesterday with Cat’s boyfriend, Ryan. The name comes from the legend that the mountain nearby was split in two by a lightning bolt. Skirrd means split.

L - r Lynx, Ryan, Cat

It’s an amazing inn that has been around since 1110. Bloody Judge Jeffreys used it as his courthouse (this is now 3 bedrooms) and they used to hang people from a beam above the stairs. Halfway up the stairs was the condemned cell, which is now a storeroom. The landlord was really friendly and let us go upstairs to have a look around. He said if we’d been there earlier, he would’ve let us seen inside the rooms, but the guests had already arrived. The front door is the original front door and the mounting steps outside were used by Kings of England & Princes of Wales. It’s also the spot where Owain Glyndwr was rallying his troops to lead them in the rebellion against the English.

The condemned's cell

We plan to stay overnight & take a camcorder with us, to make a short film. It has to be a ghost story. We’re also going to send the characters from Raising the Dead there in the sequel novel, which will be called When the Dead Awaken. It would make the perfect setting for a ghost novel.

We also made two friends for life – ok, one was a bay pony we met in the field opposite the inn and the other was a black cat that accosted us in the inn’s car park, but still. It’s lovely when the locals are so welcoming and friendly. Another bonus for the Skirrid Inn (as if it needed any more) is that it sold Smirnoff Ice and Red Bull. That’s the sign of a good pub. We saw the Red Bull on a shelf above the bar, in a plastic tube. Like a diamond in an alarmed case 😀 Oh and we signed the visitor’s book, so if you go there, look up 25/7/11 and you’ll see us. We even did our C L Raven signature. You never know, in a hundred years when we’re dead famous, that signature will be fawned over by people with nothing better to do 😀 We’re now very excited about spending the night. Isn’t spending the night in a haunted inn at the top of everyone’s bucket list? Hang 'Em High

Join the Black Parade

In case you didn’t know, today is one of the best days of the year – International My Chemical Romance Day! We’ve been celebrating by posting their songs to our Facebook & Twitter pages & listening to all four of their albums. We also made cakes. *pointing to pics.*

Lost in coma & covered in cake

Welcome to the Black Parade

Before you say anything, yes we know the bunting around the Black Parade float is red, but vegans can’t have red food colouring, so we had to have pink. And yes, those figures aren’t MCR, but they are from Gerard’s comics, The Umbrella Academy, so we thought they were fitting.

We also went to Grosmont and Skenfrith castles, which are near Monmouth. That has nothing to do with IMCRD but getting lost meant we were able to listen to all four albums on the journey. In perfect timing, ‘Blood’ from The Black Parade album finished just as we pulled into our drive.

This is a link to our favourite MCR song Welcome to the Black Parade. The video is amazing and is the inspiration behind the Soul Patrol in our novel, Majesty of Darkness. MCR have influenced a lot of our writing. In their song The End, there’s the line ‘you’ve got front row seats to the Penitence Ball’ so we wrote a poem called Penitence Ball, about our vision of what it was. We even performed it at a poetry reading. We always put MCR songs in our books. Their songs just have so many inspirational messages in them. They’re albums that we play if we’re depressed, angry, or happy, cos if we’re down, they pull us out of the darkshines & if we’re happy, they boost that happiness. Every day should be International MCR Day.

Brain Food

It’s official. We’ve started writing Scott the Zombie’s Cookbook (working title). He came up with the idea in his last blog and badgered us until we gave in. Zombies can be very persistent. And scary if you say no. So we spent the weekend going back through his novel to find all the brain meals we’d used and writing them down. We’ve written an introduction, a couple of pages about the different sections of brain, so you know to pick the right part for the meals then we’ve divided the book into sections – meals, party food, camping and desserts and written title pages for them all with a brief passage from Scott. We’ve just started the blurb and will also do an acknowledgements page. Being vegan has never seemed so restricting – we have no idea about cooking meat or what meals would be ideal to substitute meat for brains. Luckily we have amazing FB friends who not only know how to cook, but who are as enthusiastic about this project as we are.

We were discussing it with Cat’s boyfriend, Ryan and one of his colleagues, telling them we’d spent the afternoon planning a zombie cookbook. Ryan’s colleague wished he’d spent the afternoon doing that and came up with a great suggestion – head fondue. Hollow out a human head, fill it with chocolate and dip pieces of brain and cheese into it. Seems everyone, even IT geeks enjoy a good zombie inspired recipe. We’ve pulled our old cookbooks out of the cupboard (when we say old, we mean they were published in the 70s when not everyone owned a freezer) and made a list of the ones we want. We also went out to the pub with  Ryan & grabbed a menu. Got a couple of good ideas off it then Ryan’s step-dad asked what we were doing. Our reply? “We’re writing a zombie cookbook, so need ideas for meals.” Then we told him some of our ideas. Yeah. We need to brush up on our social skills. Ryan’s sister’s boyfriend was also there. Luckily they’ve met us plenty of times before so know this is a fairly normal response from us. Then we got into a discussion about brains and the best way to cook them. Isn’t that what everyone discusses on a Saturday evening in their local?

Little Mr. Muffin

Hey yummy brains, it’s Scott. I’ve managed to swipe the laptop while one of my Necromancers is working on a novel that’s NOT mine & the other one is running their duck a bath. They’ve never run me a bath. They’ve left all the tabs open on their laptop so just before I logged on to write this, I had a peek at what they’re doing. I found this zombie killing pyjamas. I feel so betrayed. I know they’re torn about which side to take when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, but I would’ve thought their love for me would secure their loyalty. The worst thing is, I want a pair. But I think I’ve figured out a way to rescue this situation. If they decide to order them (I may cancel their credit card) I’ll just buy some t-shirt paint and change the l’s to s’s. Zombie kissing pyjamas are much better 😀

My Necromancers were baking muffins yesterday with their niece. It was their first ever attempt and the kitchen looked like a bag of flour had been slaughtered. Not sure what was more covered – the floor, the worktop or them. The muffins smelled so good I decided to try making one. So I stuffed a snack sized brain with blueberries and slotted it into the oven when their backs were turned. Unfortunately, my Necromancers had to go out, so left their older sister, Sarah, in charge of cooking the muffins. Let’s just say she wasn’t overly impressed with my baking attempts when she pulled everything out of the oven 😀 I snatched my bruffin (brain muffin) and scampered to my room to eat it. It was delicious! I really should write my own cookbook. There are cookbooks for vegans (which my Necromancers are), so why can’t there be cookbooks for zombies? I sense a gap in the market.

Scott x

The Ghost of You

Castell Coch

We’ve felt so bad about our lack of blogging and just leaving you with a quick mention about Deadly Reflections, so to make up for it, this is what we’ve been doing – spending time in Real Life. We went to Castell Coch *pointing left* yesterday. We haven’t been there for a few years, plus it’s featured in our ghost hunting novel, Raising the Dead, which we’re currently redrafting, so it seemed fitting. Spookily, in one of the chapters we’ve just redrafted, the characters talk about the three Fates. In Castell Coch’s drawing room, are the Fates, above the fireplace. We got very excited when we saw them. Little things…

We’re also planning on doing a ghost hunt. Purely for research for Raising the Dead 😉 Research is so boring 😀 We’ve always wanted to do one, so figured rather than it being one of those things we never get round to doing, we’d grab life by the throat and sign up. We just have to decide where we’re going. We’d love to go to Margam Park, or Ruthing Gaol. Or Bodmin Gaol. Or any castle. As long as it’s spooky, we want to go there. It’s strange in the fact that as much as love ghosts, ghost hunting and the paranormal, we don’t actually believe in it. Yet we REALLY want to see a ghost. Not just feeling cold or hearing noises, we want poltergeist activity, people running off screaming, for the ghost to leave no doubt in our minds they exist. Even though we don’t believe. So if there are any ghosts out there who are so bored you’re reading this, do us a favour and show up. Make us be afraid. Be very afraid. Mwhahahahaha.

We were the inspiration for the troll in The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Deadly Reflections

Ok, here’s our latest story, Deadly Reflections published by Dark Fire Fiction Sorry this is such a short blog, but it’s gone 11pm, the Red Bull’s worn off and we can’t think of anything funny to say. Plus we’re helping Ryan move house tomorrow, so we have to conserve brain cells & energy. So, enjoy!