Published in America!

*Manhandling Scott away from the laptop and locking him in his freezer* really wish he wouldn’t cry, it makes that so much harder 😀 Right, now we’re wrestled this thing back off him, we finally received some good news this morning. Dark Moon Digest are going to be publishing our short story, The Ferryman 🙂 it’s a modern take on Chiron, set on a train. With Deadly Reflections coming out on Dark Fire’s website next month, things are finally looking up. It’s our first American publication, so we’re thrilled. Finally our world domination can begin. Umm, you know nothing about world domination *hiding blue prints and using Men In Black memory wiping device* don’t know when it’s out yet, we’ll keep you posted. Right, going to play Streets of Rage 2 now. Nothing like kicking bad guy arse on a Megadrive game to brighten the day.