Past Mistakes

Whilst being made to sort through boxes in our loft space, we came across some stories we wrote when we were 10 that we had to write in school. One we had to write about the life as a Tudor girl. We remember bitching about having to write as girls, ‘cos we wanted to do male characters. Nothing’s changed there – we still mainly write first person POV as male characters 😀 The stories are filled with executions, with one line in Cat’s story being ‘our favourite entertainment is watching someone being hung, drawn and quartered. I wish it would happen more often.’ There were also stories about murders, with the victim in Lynx’s story being dismembered and her eyeballs put on the windowsill of the hero’s house. And yet we grew up to be horror writers. Strange. Though we hope we’ve improved since then ‘cos those stories are terrible. God knows how the teacher gave them such good marks.

We also have several boxes of every story we’ve written from when we started at the age of 12. Some are short stories, others are novellas. Some are still in their handwritten form because it took so long to type them up, before we made the switch to typing them directly onto the computer three and a half years ago. We always liked writing longhand as we could write anywhere, plus it gave us an excuse to buy lots of lovely notebooks and pens. But then we figured we’d actually have more time for writing if we wrote directly onto the computer. We once counted all those forgotten stories and they added up to about 85. We haven’t read them since, but suspect they’re as awful as our attempts when we were 10. But at least if our ideas treasure chest ever empties, we can retrieve them and rewrite them. Or burn them if our central heating breaks down again.

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