Frustrated Novelists

We’re feeling very frustrated at the moment. You know the feeling – when you’ve sent off submissions and are waiting to hear back. Even though we have plenty to work on, it’s still disheartening to open your emails and find you have 0 in your inbox.  But still nothing extinguishes that burning desire to have something published. We know we’ve got a story coming out in July, but the frustration’s still there. Though on a plus side, we’re 2 submissions ahead of our Submission Mission and we’ve just finished redrafting our demon book, Legion of the Damned. We’d aimed to cut 20,000 words from it and actually cut 24,300 words. Saying that, the final word count is now 162,785. Yeah. Still too long.

We’re also desperately trying to cut down Scott the Zombie’s short story, Parliament of Monsters. We found out yesterday that there’s a zombie anthology that wants stories of 5000 words by Wednesday. Parliament of Monsters is 6000 so instead of marrying Red Bull in Tintern Abbey (long story), we’ve cutting like writers possessed.  At first we thought ‘it can’t be done’ then we thought ‘it’s a chance of publication. Like hell it can’t be done’. It doesn’t help with Scott telling us “stop stressing – you know I hate burst blood vessels in my brains”. Thanks, Scott, you’re a real help.


  1. Hi Girls

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling frustrated. Stick at it and don’t get too disheartened. I’ve read your piece in Writing Magazine and some of the stuff on here and think you write quite well. Stick at your craft and I’m sure success will come your way.

    • thank you 🙂 strangely, we don’t mind getting rejections – we just send the piece off somewhere else, but some days it gets frustrating. We sent off 103 pieces last year and got 1 published, which is a terrible percentage but we’re doing better this year. The way we see it is if we give up, we’ll never get published. Plus we always have an insatiable need to write, so we’re stuck with it 😀

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