Operation: Wounded Knee

ok, it’s been a little while since our last post, apologies to those who actually read this 😀 Reason being Cat had a knee operation 10 days ago – it’s called debridement, microfracture condyte surgery. Bleurgh! In other words, they removed the cartilage she ripped off her knee 2 1/2 yrs ago (doing lunges during an exercise video) then drilled holes into her femur to make it bleed then the bloodclots formed a new cartilage. She’s been so spaced out on Tramodol she kept falling asleep within seconds, no matter what she was doing. So most of her work recently is probably really garbled and filled with zombie or Red Bull references. Nothing new there! 😀 So we’ve spent most of our time redrafting Legion of the Damned, our demon book, playing Golden Axe 1, 2 and 3 on the PS3 and hanging out with Ryan.

We’ve bought issues of Dark Moon Digest and Shock Totem to see what stuff they’re publishing as we’ve submitted to Shock Totem a few times and haven’t got anywhere so figured we’d better start reading some of the magazines we’re submitting to. We go about things all backwards, always have done. Really enjoyed some of the stories, especially the ones in Dark Moon Digest. We’ve submitted The Black Kiss, the anti Valentine’s story we published on here on Valentine’s Day to the Yeovil Literary prize, so we’ve already reached our May target for submissions and made up for March’s shameful count.

In other news, we started our new chair job last night for the Civic Society, where we set out chairs for meetings then put them away again. We do this for the WI and got head hunted by the Civic Society and whilst we were there, we got recruited for ANOTHER chair job – for funerals! We’re moving in to the big league 😀 Funerals will always be in business so we won’t have to worry about being made redundant. Now we’ll definitely have to buy the hearse we’ve always wanted. We have to make the right impression. Our flame spray painted Renault 4s just won’t look respectful. We can use this as another pro in convincing our mum a hearse is a good idea. Trips to the dump, camping holidays and just because we want one have so far failed but if we say we need it as a company car, we’re sure she’ll be swayed. Yes there’s no room in our drive, yes we already have 2 R4s and a hot pink Smart Car but we want a HEARSE! Seeing as we can’t afford a Citroen DS, Jag E Type, Austin 7, or cute little micro car. Scott the Zombie can ride in the back, like a celebrity. That should convince him not to eat us for a while. We don’t trust the way he keeps looking at Cat then at her crutches and licking his lips :s

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