Missing: Muse. Please return

On the day we find out our story Six String Heart was not even shortlisted in Writers’ News musician story, there was a letter in Writing Magazine by published authors and identical twins, praising our Scott the Zombie extract! They said we have a special, humorous writing style and encouraged us to get our novels published. That really cheered us up, so a thousand thank yous, Helen and Morna Mulgray 🙂 you made our day. Now to redraft our story and send it elsewhere.

In the meantime we’re near the end of Scott the Zombie’s 3rd redraft and will submit it to the Yeovil Prize in May so talons crossed. We’re also writing a story based on our visit to Usk Castle. When we were at the paying hut, we got a really creepy feeling and thought ‘this would make a great start to a horror film’ so wrote a story on that premise. Now we usually wing our stories, we have a vague idea then just hit the laptop running. Well, typing. Don’t want to break it 😀 This has always worked for us. But we wrote this with no idea whatsoever, just a feeling. Really should’ve come up with a vague plan. It’s been so hard, we’ve reported our Muse missing and are offering our eternal gratitude for her safe return. If someone out there is holding her hostage, please be gentle and release her unharmed. It’s not her fault, she was assigned to us. No-one else wanted the job.

But at least we have something to fall back on if this whole writing gig fails – setting out and putting away chairs. We’re not kidding. We’re demons at it. We’ve done it for National Trust meetings for 10 years and recently got headhunted by the WI to do it for their meetings. Now the Civic Society might be interested in hiring us. One problem – Cat is having major knee surgery in just over a week so Lynx is going to have to hire an apprentice. We’re volunteering our sister or her boyfriend. On the plus side, our writing productivity is going to rocket as Cat will be on crutches for 6 weeks. We’ve fallen so far behind on our submission mission that it ran over us and we got a face full of dust. Although we have just sent four poems to Writing Magazine’s humorous poem competition. Yes we only sent them four so April’s submission mission deadline is complete but it still counts. Now to make up for only submitting one piece of work in March…think the submission mission might have just crashed over a cliff…

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