Hit List

Ok, we didn’t make the shortlist for the Pratchett Prize 😦 As disappointing as that is, what makes it worse is that we now have to send back that helicopter we ordered. We were looking forwards to terrorising shoppers as we landed in the supermarket car park, or pretending we were with the police & hunting innocent people with spotlights & thermal imaging, whilst blasting the Airwolf theme tune. The Airwolf theme tune just won’t sound right being blasted out of our car windows as we’re stuck in a traffic jam.

We’d been counting on the Pratchett Prize to give our novel credence for when we approach Tim Burton to ask him to make it into a Nightmare Before Christmas style animation. But without this backing we’re just going to sound like crazed fantasists. We’ve even got the action figures planned with little accessories. Back to searching for a publisher, we suppose. Damn. We really wanted that helicopter.