Waiting List

We’re waiting to hear whether we’ve been shortlisted for the Pratchett prize. We’ve got Terry Pratchett’s website permanently up & keep obsessively checking it. This feels like the Internet equivalent of checking your phone to see if it’s still switched on. We’re regretting not going with a bribe now. Thing is, what do you bribe Sir Terry with? We have nothing. Unless…no, he’s probably got a pet zombie. (Calm down Scott, we’re only joking. God, no sense of humour). We keep expecting Sir Terry to turn up at our door with giant cans of Red Bull, banners, balloons & begging us to co-write a book with him, but so far, nothing. Hang on, was that a knock at the door? How should we greet him? Sir Pratchett? TP? Mr. T? *Going to answer door* Oh. It’s just the wind.

Perhaps he got lost. Our house IS really hard to find. Plenty of delivery men get lost. Yeah, that must be it. Or maybe his website’s experiencing technical difficulties. Or maybe the zombies got him.

This waiting is driving us crazy! We need this shortlist to make up for the fact we’ve done terribly on our submission mission this month. Only 1 story submitted. Well, it was 2 but turned out the second one was closed to submissions & we’d forgot to check before sending it. So this would make up for the fact we’ve totally slacked off.

Oh come on! Put us out of our misery! We have a nasty feeling we didn’t make it, but figured if anyone would like our zany characters & eccentric character of Death, it’d be Sir Terry. There’s always the Yeovil Prize in May we can send it to, but we really wanted this one – a competition run by the great man, who wouldn’t want to win?

This is beginning to feel like we’ve been stood up.