Story Time

Just realised it’s been nearly 2 weeks since our last blog. We’d apologise but we suspect you’ve been glad of the peace. We’ve just sent off 3 short stories – Rest in Peace for Writing Magazine’s ghost story competition (we won last year & are desperate to retain our crown), The Creeping Darkness for Writers’ News retirement competition (ours features Van Helsing) & Battle for Annwn to Wyvern publications for their Young Adult competition. Battle for Annwn takes the twin characters from our novel, Daughters of Annwn and puts them in a 1600 word story. We’d originally written it for Writing Magazine’s adult fairy story so figured we’d just cut 100 words from it, polish it & submit it elsewhere. We do that with most of our stories. One, because it seems a waste not to keep recycling them until they find a home & two, because we’re too lazy/time restricted to think up new stories for every competition.

We’ve been itching to get back to working on Scott the Zombie. There’s a novel competition in May we want to send it to, so it has to have at least 1 redraft, maybe 2 by then. We’ll be using James McCreet’s tips that he gave us in March’s issue of Writing Magazine, so can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet finished redrafting Soul Asylum, our novel set in a haunted asylum. We’ve been sidetracked by short story deadlines, getting a PS3 for our birthday & hanging out with our mate, Ryan. How do other people manage their time? Since we met Ryan, our productivity’s gone right down 🙂 But our fun rate has gone up, so we’re not complaining. It just means we have to work harder, because our productivity is what put us ahead of the game *checking publishing stats* ok, it didn’t. As long as we’re meeting our submission target, we’re ok. Just have to finish Soul Asylum before Scott gets really impatient & carries out his threat to eat our brains. Really don’t like the way he’s holding baking trays with our names on.