Acceptance Speech

OMG! We’ve just had a short story accepted by Dark Fire! Almost fainted with shock when we read the email. There we were expecting another rejection we almost couldn’t believe what we were reading. Our story, Til Death us do Part will feature in issue 50. It’s about a guy who kills his lovers when they leave him then uses his skills as a reconstruction artist to reconstruct their skulls onto mannequins so he always has a lover on Valentine’s Day. That’s one reason to stay single 😀 Our success spells must be working.

Also Writing Magazine is out today with our critique of Scott the Zombie. We’ve sent 7 copies to our FB friends in America. Pretty sure our tears at the cost of postage could be heard across the pond. We’re thrilled with the critique and will use James McCreet’s advice to make the book even better. Scott celebrated with Cajun Brain with white wine sauce – the brain of a writer. At least that narrows down the competition.


  1. Careful Scott. A writer’s brain can give even a zombie IBS.

    • My Necromancers warn me about all the side effects of eating a writer’s brain but I think they’re just trying to dissuade me from eating theirs. Thank you for the critique! I was worried they were going to embarrass me on my first public appearance and make me out to be some kind of monster. Perhaps my threats of scooping out their brains like ice cream are keeping them in line 🙂
      Scott x

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