When will I be famous? I can answer that

Good morning scrumptious brains! Scott here. I am SO EXCITED! The first 300 words of my novel have appeared in Writing Magazine and my Necromancers have done me proud. I was worried I’d have to eat them in revenge for screwing up my world debut but I guess they can live to publish my novel. Guess I should tidy away these recipe books. Shame. I was looking forwards to a nice twin souffle. James McCreet said the opening was a great first line. He said it’s quirky and amusing with great dialogue, there’s a few minor points but no serious flaws. He told them well done and keep writing. Well they have to keep writing or I’ll stop existing and think what a terrible world that will be. A dark and lonely place where people can go about their business without fear of being eaten by a handsome, witty zombie. I won’t stand for it! The magazine hits the shops tomorrow and all my American fans have put in orders for their copies. My Necromancers usually sign the stuff they send to America but I think I should sign this one. After all, it’s about me and everyone would much rather my beautiful name gracing their copies. I’ll have to practise my autograph, seeing as I’m now a celebrity. I need my own dressing room. No, a trailer. With cans of Zombie stocked and all the brains I could eat. Ooh and I need a car. Like the Red Bull mini but either with a can of Zombie on the back or a giant brain that lights up. I’ll put in the request to my Necromancers now. What do you mean it’s not viable? I want my brain car. Don’t make me make my souffle. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Later tender brains!

Scott xx